Fantuz in Chicago

I've been looking around the web, trying to find out how Andy Fantuz performed in his first NFL preseason game with the Bears last night. I can't find anything.

Has anybody heard anything about how he did?

DNP (did not play).

he's done in the NFL.

I stand corrected. This from the CFL News via Twitter:

Contrary to some media report, Andy Fantuz DID play in the Buffalo Bills-Chicago Bears game last night. He was in on special teams.
Still, that's not saying a whole lot if he was just in on special teams. And Arceneaux only had 1 catch for 3 yards for the Vikes. I think both receivers are in tough to make a roster down there.

My guess is he won't get a serious enough look, he's just not fast enough for special teams or probably aggressive enough either with all the competition. But might be wrong. Maybe depends on injuries as well.

al in all not a good year foe 1st timers from the CFL to be trying to break into the NFL. Shortened training camps and no access to coaching until the lockout was ended makes it tough.

I checked the stats, he didn't catch a pass, not sure if he was thrown too. For the Riders sake I hope he's back by mid september. Their saying we might get Chick back too

Chick has a better shot t staying in the NFL. He was only 1 of 4 guys that the Colts asked to return on the practise roster. Now what does he make there? Can we pay enough. He wants to play football not be a punching bag during practice.nice to show the grand children that he played on a team,show them real stats and who knows maybe a retired number or induction into the Riders hall of fame.

5K a week x 16 weeks = 80K + up to 15K in post season. If he manages to get into games at all that number would go up by probably 50K a game
In the CFL he would probably be looking at 180-220 a year. My guess is he is staying on the PR in the NFL.

1 catch in your 1st ever game is not horrid
Andy would likely be looking at a lot of time on ST, and less on the O. We may not see him on an offensive play all preseason.

shows what you know.

Chick doesn't wanna be on a practice roster for a 3rd straight year rotting away. He wants to play football, not practice it.

And you know what Chick wants? I never said I knew what he wanted...I have always said it was my guess, and that he had some really tough decisions to make. He is in a tough spot.

As I said in another post...I can not blame him for either decision. He can make 80K a year on the practice roster and potentially crack the roster and make huge bucks, or come to the CFL and make 180-220 a year and be a star.

It is a tough decision. It would be tough for him to walk away from a dream, but also tough to turn down a good opportunity in the CFL. If his heart is totally committed to being in the NFL he won't be back...practice roster or not. Of course he wants game action...he just needs to decide if he is willing to potentially never play, because in a season or 2 he won't get as big of offers from CFL clubs.

the only problem is if you sit and do zip all year for 3 straight seasons you soon begin to lose your game. imagine if you were a hockey player and you couldn't play for a whole season because you were the healthy scratch?

Would Any man want to sit for 3 years and make 80,000 a year or go to the CFL and know you're going to be a starter and make at least double that?

hmm.. tough decision but I'd say "screw the NFL"

All depends where your heart is at. Not everyone is willing to sell their dreams.

On the colts roster i saw him 3rd on the depth chart at DE right side. Needs a couple of injuries to start in reg season. The are very happy with existing DEs and they may airlift in others if there is an injury. I agree it is a tough choice. Perhaps we could get Cal Murphy to start poaching other teams for the Colts.

From TSN:

Word out of Indianapolis is that former CFL defensive player of the year John Chick is having a good camp and could make the active roster if there’s an injury in front of him, with a practice roster spot seeming like more than a good possibility. Chick spent all of last season the Colts practice roster which begs the question of whether he’d want to do that again or return to the CFL as an unrestricted free agent? Chick may want to play but it’s hard to think of a player recently whose turned down an NFL practice roster spot for a chance to play in Canada. Under terms of the new collective agreement, players on NFL practice rosters will be paid a minimum of $96,900 with rookie salaries jumping from a minimum of $285,000 under the former agreement to $375,000 this season.

like i said, I do not expect Chick back.