Fantuz.. he's done for the NFL...

Well, after doing some reading in the Bears Forum, there's like no talk whatsoever for Fantuz. The fans aren't even putting them on their suggested Practice rosters.

one guy said "what about Andy Fantuz??"

and the guy said "you mean the Canadian Ghost?, there's a reason that Football is #4 in Canada"

well, except for the #4 in Canada comment...

Yea Andy won't be going to any practices for the Bears once Saturday Rolls around, IF he even makes it to Saturday.

Why is he done? Cause a bunch of fan boys in a Bears forum say so? That's up to the coaches. I bet he makes the Bears squad.

i can’t believe this is your source… :roll:

come back when you have something more legit.

I am on that board and it is funny how they rip a guy just becasue he is from the CFL . It seems he had a catch last nite for 13 yards, if he was so awfull, why did they not cut him already. They seem to be having some problems with receivers , so maybe there is a chance. But he will make more playing up here then on the practise roster down there.

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Andy isnt having a good camp at all Dane Sanzenbacher from The Ohio State University may beat him out plus he is younger but is only 5 foot 11 180 pounds....Andy is 6 foot 4 215 pounds with decent hands but is slow....I say Dane will get it but Andy will be picked up by somebody or place on the practice roster

Reports are coming out that Andy has been released.

I have been looking on sites to try and confirm it but I haven't found it yet.

[i]Bears waived WR Andy Fantuz, LB Tressor Baptiste, CB Antareis Bryan, and LS Jake Laptad. The Bears are moving quickly with their cuts. Fantuz became a fan favorite when there was nothing to talk about during the lockout, but the former CFL star flamed out in preseason games and practices. Baptiste, Bryan, and Laptad were all undrafted rookies. Baptiste might be a practice squad candidate.[/i]
Source: Brad Biggs on Twitter

Dave Naylor from TSN has said that Andy Fantuz has been told he'll be waived.

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the chicago tribune is reporting hes done.

Great news! Any guess as to when he might be back? Do the Roughriders still have first crack at him?

the one twitter feed said he was on waivers... if this is true, wich is a questionable source, then he will have a small period to be picked up by other teams. after the banjo bowl would be the earliest. if this is untrue, he would be back in time for the banjo bowl, but probably not labour day, unless they want to play him without any practice time. All speculation right now... some might depend on him, if he wants to try to exaust NFL options, or just come back to the CFL.

well according to a source, it was said that if he clears waivers he will be coming back to the Riders.

how long does it take to clear waivers in the NFL?

either 10 or 11 days

so we wont see him in action till probably the argos game on the 17th im thinking. the banjo bowl would be pretty early.

The club waived five veterans in receivers Andy Fantuz and Onrea Jones, linebacker Chris Johnson, guard Johan Asiata and fullback Eddie Williams.

According to the TSN version, he can report back to Saskatchewan earlier then the 10 days if he doesn't want to wait around for another NFL team to come calling. No idea if he's going to do that or not of course.

Shame it didn't work out for him.

I'd bet he's already got his plane ticket back.

I say that he will play for/with the Riders on September 11,2011.


I do feel bad for him but this is again why the CFL field is fantastic, it allows slower guys, and Fantuz wasn't the fastest Rider as well, to work their skill set and find open areas of the field. In the NFL because of the smaller field, you have to run different patterns often.