Fantuz Flakes: Head and Shoulders above the rest!

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Oski Wee Wee,


LOL that was cute. I'm sure the watermelon heads won't be too thrilled. I like the 3 scents lol

Damn funny!!

I wish there was Fantuz Flakes when I still had hair... :cowboy:

Too funny!

What isn't funny is some jerk who I met from Windsor at my nephew's hockey tournament in Burlington last year saying Fantuz couldn't make the Detroit Lions, no one in Windsor or Essex cares about the CFL or Grey Cup etc. I said to the guy the CFL doesn't care about Windsor, it's not on the map, and he didn't know what to say.

It's a shame that people in an area where a super player in our league can't appreciate their own. We don't need Canadians like this I say.

Pfft, they say that all the time I really wouldn't take it to heart.Always saying that if the D.Lion's faced the Al's, the Al's would get absolutely rocked.Doubt it, two very different games, the Lion's would be too big and slow to be effective in our game.

Agree 15.

And really, does anyone care about the city of Windsor or Essex county? I don't. Well, unless you're a CFL and Grey Cup fan, then you're ok in my books. :wink: :cowboy:

I wasn't sure what the "Corner Gas" scent would make one's hair smell like. Gasoline? Hank Yarbo's hair? (I don't think it'd be Brent's hair, because he doesn't have much hair left.) :wink:

That was funny, but I didn't expect it the get featured on the website of the Regina Leader-Post. Good to see the efforts of those who come up with this material get recognized.

Too bad more teams don’t have something like Ticats TV, they come up with some pretty good stuff. I really like the meat helmet they have on their as well, to oppose the watermelon lids :wink:

And the girl hosting it is pretty cute too

Actually, the Lions are too big and slow to be effective in their own game, let alone ours. :lol:

That was clever/funny.

The three scents were pretty funny. Apart from that, it was ten seconds worth of funny stretched way too long. I give them credit for making the effort though; it's probably funnier than anything I'd put together. :wink:

I liked the idea of “The Fantuz Flush.” I actually have three Fantuz Flush systems in my home,

one for each of the three scents. :smiley:

It was okay, I liked the short AC one they did better though.

I thought that was very clever, especially the AC/DC "Hell's Bells" malfunction opening. Too bad the Als did just fine without Calvillo.

I don't know if what they came up with most recently will get as many views, but you can have a look at it here: