Fantuz expected to sign today

Ticats receiver Andy Fantuz expected to sign player contract today
Posted on September 18, 2017 by Drew Edwards // 0 Comments

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats are expected to sign Canadian receiver Andy Fantuz to a player contract today, according to CFL sources.
Fantuz had been serving as the organization’s coordinator of player development as he recovers from a torn ACL last October. Hamilton head coach June Jones said last week that Fantuz was getting closer to a return to the field.
Fantuz recorded 101 receptions for 1,059 yards in 2016, earning him Most Outstanding Canadian honours in the East Division.

We just got better today, and in the words of the modern philosopher Obie

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Whoever plays QB for the Cats (and I don't expect that to change from recent weeks) is suddenly going to look a lot better.

We are potentially one Tasker away from a complete turnover of the receiving corps since opening day. (This assumes Chambers gets into the lineup as well, which could be another week away, if he is a slow learner like New Collins Jr apparently is.)

Game 1 starters were Tasker, Toliver, Elliott, Tyms, Jones.

If he signs today, could he play Friday? Or will he need some practice reps before starting? Maybe hit the field against the Argos, rather than the cross-country, late at night B.C game.

It's official

Anthony? :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[

Some practice update before jetting off to BC

"The team is going out a day earlier than normal, flying out after practice on Wednesday, in hopes of getting their body clocks right.

steve milton?
35m35 minutes ago
DT Michael Atkinson, injured since late July, is dressed full uni for practice.

steve milton?
27m27 minutes ago
#Ticats receivers doing simple straight-line catching drill QBs work on leading throws; been tossing behind receivers 2 much, says here

steve milton?
27m27 minutes ago
Also deliberately throwing high and low for receiver practice. #CFL #Ticats

Perhaps the starting QB shouldn't be participating in this drill? I'd rather he practice throwing accurately.

This is great news but I don't think we'll get the full benefit of Fantuz right away. After such an injury and not playing for a year they might have to ease him in slowly until he gets his chops back up. We don't want him re-injured.

I agree, we can still have NAT/SB Mitchell Baines to back Andy up and sub in and out as needed.
Baines played well in his 2 games


steve milton?
12m12 minutes ago
June Jones says he's a big supporter of #Ticats WR Mike Jones, who's had hard time hanging onto the ball. #CFL

steve milton?
A betting man would have Shamawd Chambers starting for #Ticats instead of Jones vs. #Lions #CFL

steve milton?

2m2 minutes ago
Andy Fantuz "Nice to be out there with guys.? after first real practice in nearly 11 months. #Ticats #CFL

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2m2 minutes ago
Jones says probably 2 to 3 weeks for Fantuz return---definitely not vs. #Lions Friday-but u get feeling Fantuz sees it sooner #Ticats #CFL

After watching him during the warmup at the Ottawa game, the guy still has incredible hands. Was catching for a couple of guys at one time, nonchalantly grabbing them one-handed one after another. Never saw him drop one.

He never was speedy, but he should still know how to slip into the open spot, and then use his size and reach to make the reception.

Thiggy was placed right into the Sask lineup right after signing. Backup SB and KR.
Hopefully Chambers is afforded the same chance.

That is great news. Andy fantuz is back

Wait a second! Is this his evil twin with the bad hands??????????????

Fantuz has a mensa football IQ and yes, tremendous hands

For sure! Wouldn't make sense to put him in there and get bashed around .first game back. Easy peasy!!!!

.???..???..?.???.? Grover?

It is good to know that coach Jones is Mike's biggest fan and that he thinks he has a chance to be a really good football player. :o :o :o :o
Good to know the "rookie" just may be good one day.