Fantuz, dressler, clairemont

So with the recent trade we have 3 big names for slot back. Anyone know how this is going to pan out? Fantuz is clutch I wouldn't want to take him out of the line-up. Clairemont is a seasoned vet with sure hands who's not afraid to put his body on the line (which is good maybe we have 3 haha). And dressler showed so much last year. I know you could just keep dressler for kick/punt returns but I think he has way too much more to offer than just that. He is a great receiver as we seen last year. Just wondering your thoughts.

All three will play...don't worry, none of them are going to be like Terrel Owens and complain!

We run a ton of plays out of a 5 receiver set, so we’ll need all three.

This is going to be exciting with the options. Now we just need to make sure Durant is ready for a full season as the guy!

What about moving Dressler outside as a Wide Receiver, and let Fantuzz and Clermont run the "Inside" routes?

Correct my if im wrong but there shouldn't be any conflict here as Jason and Andy are slotbacks and Dressler is a WR (is he not?)

Dressler is a Slot.

Starting recieving corps next year:

Andy Fantuz
Jason Clermont
Chris Getzlaf

Adarius Bowman
Rob Bagg
Weston Dressler

Guys who get left out at this point:
Adam Nicolson (kept to develop / traded for WR)
Gerran Walker (stays and starts if Bowman hasn't improved by TC)
D. J. Flick (retire / sign elsewhere as a FA)
Dave McKoy (kept to develop)
Mike Palmer (retire / released)
Corey Grant (retire / kept to help at WR)
Matt Dominguez (retire / released after TC)

i like the slotsbacks, tight end lineup you got there. but i am not into bowman. i say trade him. he only showed up half the time.

if flick can recover from his injury 100% and return to his 2007 form then he is still a force. he is only 28. i don't know if he has enough speed for the wideout position. but i don't know if the riders could afford to resign him. both dominguez and clermont will be making over 100,000$. flick would be around the $80,000 mark i would guess.

maybe bagg is coming into his own but i am not sold on him. well he is better than fumbles palmer and droppsy grant.

Pluss Chris Getzlaf is at the peek of his career

Getzlaf is at the peAk of his career after playing one season? The Riders best be looking to replace him after next season, then...

Maybe last year was a sneak peEk at what his career is likely to become...................?

Flick is a top 10 or 15 receiver in the league. And you have him retiring at 28?? Pretty sure that is wishfull thinking if the Riders don't want him. Hope to heck he goes out east, as I would be more worried about him torching his former team than Clermont.

here is what i'd like to see from from recivers next year.

Andy Fantuz
Jason Clermont
Chris Getzlaf
D.J. Flick

Weston Dressler
Matt Dominguez
Adarius Bowman
Rob Bagg

-I think Fantuz and Clermont should be the main slots and have Getzlaf rotate in.

-They also need to keep D.J., i don't know why all the sudden everyone thinks he's not a good reciver and he needs to go, he played 3 games this season had 4 catches and his first catch was a touchdown so i say keep him at slot, i'd rather see Michael Palmer or Corey Grant go than him.

-They should put Weston Dressler in at wide-out because he definately has the speed for it and he has shown he can catch so thats not a problem.

-Have Matt and Weston the main wide outs and have Adarius rotate with Matt and have Rob rotate with Weston.