Fantuz Doubtful For Argo Game

Austin says that Fantuz is doubtful for the upcoming Argo game. What to do? Do the 'Cats dress Aprile for his first game so as not to disrupt the roster or do they somehow get Ellingson back in the line-up by removing an existing import in order to get an excellent possession receiver into the game.

Coates has been the national backup for Fantuz so I can see him starting. However they could add Aprile as his backup. Whatever Austin and Condell decide to do, they will game plan to take advantage of the receivers that they do have playing with Fantuz out.

Aprile (backing up Giguere in the slot and Coates at WR). Possibly Palmer if he can play receiver. If they needed the ratio-room for Ellingson, I think it would come from not dressing a second International RB. With a new Grigsby apparently starting, I don't see that. In fact if Madu is not 100%, they might make Carter the DI-RB, to give them a different look, particularly for short yardage.

That's too bad. Andy seems to have some of his best games at Skydome.

Apologize for being late, but meant to ask what happened to Fantuz during last game? He missed last 3/4. Is he out for the rest of the year?

Hamstring injury and he's now officially out for the game in TOR, having been moved to the 1-game Injured List today.
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Thanks ottawacat, hope he can get back for the post season.

That’s a big loss, especially since it’s going to now require a non-import adjustment. Anyone think a Beswick or Landry might get put in to replace Fantuz with Ellingson? Our defense may be able to make up that shortfall to give Zach some more options this game.

Beswick & Landry haven't played a down on defence.
I think if they do decide to go with Ellingson, the ratio casualty will be Hall, with a DT rotation of Laurent, Gaydosh & Atkinson

The opposition is facing a similar ratio situation having to do without a National starter and a new LB will play his first CFL game:

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Steve Milton article in today's Spec: the Cats will not be changing up the ratio according to Austin
Austin said that Fantuz's absence won't change the basic structure of the Cat's National-International ratio,which suggests he'll be replaced by a Canadian on the game-day roster and by Coates in the offence. Coates likely won't be Fantuz's direct substitute at the inside hotspot,though. That's a position demanding experience and will go to the likes of the import receivers and Sam Giguere.

Even more good news!

Matthew Scianitti ?@TSNScianitti 46m46 minutes ago
#Argos will be without RT Chris Van Zeyl (thumb) & DB Matt Black (forearm) so Milanovich is still deciding on his 7th starting CDN

Even more good news!

Matthew Scianitti ?@TSNScianitti 46m46 minutes ago
#Argos will be without RT Chris Van Zeyl (thumb) & DB Matt Black (forearm) so Milanovich is still deciding on his 7th starting CDN

Good for our chances, not good for those players, hope they get fixed up soon. Don't wish injuries (especially out of game injuries) on anyone.

Posting this here knowing there'll be a Depth Chart thread tomorrow morning.
In addition to placing Fantuz on the Injured List, on Tuesday, the Cats also added, that day, newcomer Grigsby and Christopher Johnson from the PR while Pawel Kruba was de-activated to the PR. Then, on Thursday Delone Carter was de-activated to the PR and "Johnny" Aprile shifted in the opposite way. He'll likely dress for his first CFL game. And, that may well be it for the game in Toronto, unless Madu is determined ready to go and replaces Ojuri when the official 46-man roster is declared in the morning.

Ticats Tweeted Fantuz is out for the Game Friday vs Ottawa.

Muscle injuries are a b*tch

I saw the players as they arrived by bus for practice yesterday and Fantuz was just in sweats. Dyakowski was in uniform but I doubt he will play again this year. I hope I'm wrong on that front however.

still arriving by bus for practice I see. I guess its going to be that way for the last month of the year. Next year will be a welcome change to be able to actually use the facilities outside of game day

Dyakowski if I remember correctly was cleared for light practice 2-3 weeks ago but unfortunately that doesn't mean he'll be back for any games.

Andy being out again is a pain but I'd rather see him in for the Montreal game. They managed to beat Ottawa without him last time. Having him healthy for the final week is more important IMO.