Fantuz Cut By Chicago

8) The Chicago Bears have released Andy Fantuz.
   He was put on waivers at 4pm Friday, and must clear the 48 hour NFL waiver period before he can return to Regina.

   That will be just a formality, as it is highly unlikely that any other NFL team will pick him up !!

Do you think the fans in Moosejaw and Medicine Hat are happy …Just like Xmas dumping The Marshall getting the old coach back now Fantuz. :smiley:

the Riders have BC in Front of the They have Caught Fire..

i hear the cereal sales in sask are down, perhaps.. nah.

I think the Riders problems will continue even with Fantuz back in the lineup. Their slide started late last year in the regular season even though they rallied in the playoffs. Aging veterans, injuries, and losing too many key players in the last couple of years and the Riders look like they need to rebuild for next season.

They need to rebuild and have worst GM in the league
He over pays for play Ageing vets
he Don't draft well

There a Reason he was let go in the peg

Taman is likely sending a private jet to Chicago to pick him up, with an Air Force escort!

Taman stepped down from the Bummers… he was NOT “let go”

He stepped down in Jan 2009 citing personal reasons and needed a “break” Then signed with Saskatchewan in June.

He still sucks as a GM though… a very sub 500 record overall lifetime