Fantuz caught a pass!

wow, the guy got 1 pass for 6 yds.

but they got hammered 41-13.

the question is, how much more does he have left?

Enough to seal his talent in the NFL? Not yet.....

He is not even listed on the depth chart for that game, just on the roster. He has a looong way to go.

Just saw the highlight on TSN. Pretty boring out play for 6 yds. Man thats like 5 Canadian yds :stuck_out_tongue:

Dosn't mean thats a bad thing.....

I was equaly impressed that the announcers pronounced Saskatchewan properly!!

He wasn't even put into the game until the 4th quarter. He probably won't even be in the new Madden game.

I'd have to see him play. I can't make a judgement based on a tiny stat line like that.

well no, considering he's about to get cut.

No but it was after the bears were obviously out of the game, so defense wasnt exactly swarming. He barely played and his catch was not memorable.

Remember when 6 U.S. yards would get a first down in Canada? Driving down to Minot took forever. :wink:

Feel bad for Fantuz, he deserves a better chance than 1 minute of garbage time in a pre-season game. I saw a lot of drops from other Bears receivers that game. Fantuz would have caught them all. It seems they already have their minds made up so why not let him go now?

um...Andy is do making the NFL!

like...look at him...

way to cute not to make it!'re saying he will make the NFL [valleygirl]because he's, like, so totally cute[/valleygirl]...??


Lame. How about he may make it based on his football ability instead? There’s a thought…


and then she seems to have created a poll in response

[url=] ... ndy-fantuz[/url]

Well im torn. She is just having a bit of fun but if the same type of poll was started for the sexiest cheerleader, we would be banned as inappropriate or sexiest. :roll: