Fantuz / Bombers interested????

....Something seems to be cooking in the backrooms of the Bombers and Riders...It's being rumoured that the riders have a keen interest in Carr and that his re-signing has been delayed because of that interest...Also it is rumoured that the Bombers might be prepared to enter the Fantuz sweepstakes...Do both situations have a connection...I'll say one thing ...IF Fantuz were to ever don the BluenGold we'd be securing a key piece for another Cup run...Dare to dream...Everything should become much clearer within the week... :roll: Meanwhile Lapo says another player(s) announcement today :thup:

Sound like kiddy talk to me. You make offers to our FA receiver we will up the value of yours.

.....Who knows what goes on behind closed doors...I'm sure we'd be more than amused at some of the goings on...Taman leafing through his napkin holder and ol Joe, taking what seems like forever, to puruse the info. :lol:

No announcement today regarding signings, as it looks like Lapo has taken centre stage, with his 'coach of the year' nomination :roll:

Would it be prudent for any GM to look at Fantuz, yes. Is it realistic or likely for the Bombers, no. I don't see him as being the 'missing piece of the puzzle' for the Bombers.

If I was Hamilton,Toronto and Winnipeg and assuming there is money I would invest it on my Oline. If I am Montreal I am looking at Dline and maybe a DB.

Considering what Fantuz wants I doubt the Bombers are interested. Wasn't it said that Taman indicated Fantuz turned down $200,000 a season. We could better spend that money at other positions IMO.

There is only one I can think of and that's Tillman. The Empire fan base is still lauging at him for giving Bauman 150k. But he loves to stick it to hoppson so who knows ? Will also be interesting to see if he's willing to sign longer than a 1+1. He sure was a distraction last year in Saskatchewan.

Winnipeg has Pohbla anyway and Carr won't be cheap. I really don't see Fantuzie in Winnipeg.

If I'm Wpg, I agree, invest in the oline and even moreso if Labbate is lost in free agency.

none of us are cap guys…
but if they can get Fantuz then they should imo. if any team can use a NI impact receiver to balance things its the bombers.
again…you dont know the cost…but if, say it is 75,000 more than your fantasy…then that is about 1500 per roster spot.
but that is why you have a gm
But, really, the top canadian receiver? winnipeg? yes

Could happen but Joe Mack has been pretty clear that he does not believe there is value in getting involved in auctions for high priced free agents, he does not strike me as someone who likes to overpay for players. Tillman and Obilovich on the other hand :wink:

Bombers might be interested in Fantuz, but I don't think the feeling is mutual. Pretty sure Fantuz would prefer a team with a proven QB rather than three stooges taking turns lining up under centre. Not to mention an OC that has consitently screwed up every offence he touches.

The thing with Fantuz is not who will show him the money but who will show him the money for a 1+1.

Why not, if he wants playoff money too, it makes sense to go with a playoff team and not a 5 win train wreck.

....I don't know if Mack will take a shot at Fantuz BUT nobody can deny this guy would make this team better...instantly...We have a couple of ni receivers in Corey Watson and Poblah but adding Fantuz would give us a huge talent and unreal depth...Maybe the cash will scare a lot of teams and keep them out of the Fantuz sweepstakes BUT i believe there is more interest in this player than anyone in the league right now...including LaBatte....I can see T.O. or Ham. burning up the wires on Wed. afternoon...It'll be interesting :wink:

No denying Fantuz talented receiver but unless the guy is willing to commit himself to at least a 3 year contract it isn't worth it. Also keep in mind that receiver is the position most likely to fall to injury. Give the playing time to Kito and spend the money on the Oline.

Nice try! :lol:

Don't forget, the biggest playoff bonus goes to the Grey Cup Champions. And we all know how long it's been since that happened in Winnipeg, right?

Keep trying! :lol:

I think it was indicated anywhere between $175,000 - $200,000 a season; over in the forum, one poster heard on 1140 radio in Edmonton that Tillman maintains he will not be the major player in the Fantuz sweepstakes. I don't know Blue Blood if some GM will anti up anywhere from $25,000 to $75,000 more for him to leave Regina. Hamilton perhaps?, thus I hope it's not Edmonton either for that matter.

"Keep trying" - - Hey, hasn't that been the Winnipeg team motto every year for the past two decades?