Fantuz back in Green & White!

Fantuz has signed his contract extension! WOO HOO!!!

Very Nice.
Do we see Clermont traded now? I say yes.

I have a feeling we will see Jyles get traded or signed on with another team before Clarmont goes.

Fantuz-tic! this brings a sigh of relief. Thanks Andy for your enormous/sure hands and desire to play in green and white =)

and no, we've waited long enough to get Clermont here, why trade him now? Let him play! and Let him play well! FOR US, his home town team.

why? when you have talent that is younger and clearly faster.. you don't need him.

it GREAT that he resigned. one of the better notes from an offseason of people splitting town. but the rider management has to get the key players under longer contracts! enough with these 1 year + option deals. that is why the riders always have so many players becoming free agents year after year. durant, fantuz, bagg, etc, need to sign 3+ years.