Fantuz another Marketing Gimmick In Hamilton ????

As a Former Season ticket holder in Hamilton
every year the Marketing Team and Football ops would Bring in a star Player
This to push Ticket sales and hope for the Fans in Black and Gold..

Kenton Keath Case Printer are just too of Names cats fans where told would lead to us too Promise land
Last year was Avon what Happened he was cut just like the others before him

Here Proof Andy is in the same boat

Look at the 10th paragraph

[url=] ... ats-argos/[/url]
That they are, and the franchises are, too. Hamilton owner Bob Young is spending money to make friends and influence people — “The reason I’m happy he’s here is he’s such a good-lookin’ guy. We’re going to sell tickets with Andy,? Tiger-Cats general manager Bob O’Billovich joked Tuesday — and now, all everyone has to do is win.

Some times something said in Joke are the Truth
ask any former Cats who been Dump after Huge signing in Hamilton the year before knows this .
Ask them .

Now look at way the his Contract is done..

[url=] ... breakdown/[/url]
Fantuz is not owed an off-season bonus in 2013 or 2014. His base salary for each of those two seasons is $160,000, accompanied by a $25,000 bonus per year by reporting and passing a physical to open training camp.

That effectively gives Hamilton the first five months of the calendar to decide on Fantuz's fate, with no penalty or any salary cap implications. It also allows the Tiger-Cats to release Fantuz, should they wish, with little consequence.

How Fantuz's deal is structured:

$190,000 across the board.


$85,000 base salary.

Signing bonus of $100,000.

Named to 42-man roster for 14 or more regular season games: $5000 bonus.


$160,000 base salary.

Report to training camp and pass physical: $25,000 bonus.

Named to 42-man roster for 14 or more regular season games: $5000 bonus.


$160,000 base salary.

Report to training camp and pass physical: $25,000 bonus.

Named to 42-man roster for 14 or more regular season games: $5000 bonus.


Team option on contract.

In Other Words He's here to market the Team IMO
This last year at IWS and they New Stadium in 2014
If dose not live up to Contract or markinng he''ll be gone
Just like Sandro Avon Printers ect..

This are my Options Your welcome to agree or disagree

Of course he is. I don't agree at all with the contract he received, but the Ti-Cats logic is that he makes them a better team and he's a local guy. The best marketing for any team is to put a good product on the field. In the Ti-Cats estimation, adding Fantuz helps them accomplish that.

...I think they added AF for his pass-catching ability, and the handsomeness marketing thing was a bonus...they had to give Hank someone half decent to chuck a ball to...all teams put their best players faces forward when it comes to marketing, it does sell tickets..

I agree all teams do this
But the Cats also push the marketing team and IMO make Promises
They can't keep .. I was season ticket holder for almost 10 years..

I heard Promise after Promise and to be Hostest I Felt Cheated out of Dollar every year
I was dumb enough to go back cause I saw a shinney new Signing and same marking crap.
This year I finally said NO!!

The Cats need to change the Way it Markets to it's fan base.
not with shine new signings but with Better football on Field
Last year season was not a way to do it
Stumbling into the playoffs (1 more loss in Toronto last year they would been out)
Getting lucky in Montreal..

Win and The fans will come back ..
I will come back when this Team can win 10 games a year for two seasons..
Make the play-offs and win in them consistency is what I want .

...I guess you're not going for those Maple Leafs tickets either eh? :lol:

I hate Hockey I am in Windsor so I can go to Lions games next year.

Any time you sign a contract with BobO its a one year deal. You can add Sandro, Cobourne to your list, hell Cobourne was 3rd in the league from yards from scrimmage with 1400 yards and covered a lot of crap for his oline and they took his job away.

Anyway AF made his decision knowing the history. So it is his choice. He's a great receiver but the expectations are huge. If Hamilton finishes 3rd or 4th. and Fantuz has 980 yards...

That’s my Point and Why I think Obie and Scott Michel need to go

if this is year is flop they’ll both be gone IMO…

hopefully A.F. being almost a local product/Canadian will make a bit of a difference... might get some more fans out that are tired of being marketed big ticket import players.

I figured it would make it hard for them to convince FA but it hasn't so its hard to argue against his system...

Just because something barely works don't means you should keep driving it..

That what recalls are for IMO this cats to Recall the way the market to Fans..

Onknight we all know you are no longer a season seat holder and you have spouted off numerous times on how unhappy you are with the Marketing and product. Thats your choice but please end your annoying rants on here and because we are tired of hearing it........................................

Gimmicks to me are something that are pure superficial without any substance. AF, HB as well as Casey Printers and others all have or have had excellent skill sets and are given the potential to help lead the team to a Grey Cup, and are paid well. That isn't a gimmick.

A gimmick to me is something that isn't a player, such as scantily clothed ushereses or buy one hot dog and get 2 cokes free etc.

Mike for one this CFL Talk Fourm It's not the Ticats Forum..
2nd I will speak my mind as this is a free Counrty
3rd if don't like what am saying add me to foe list and my post will be not seen by you.

I am not only one who feels this way about the Cats but I am not post in ticats area of the CFL site
but in main CFL area

People have to outspoken to get change done or nothing will change..

That is your right to say so
I added this to the start of this thread : your free to agree or disagree with My Option.

I don't agree. Some people would be complaining if he got HURT before the season and wasted all of that money.
I think that it is smart not dumb.

Why rant about something that you no longer seem to care about.?

Because he feels he has to lead the charge to make change in the Ticat organization. And he is not so welcome at the ticats site anymore so he posts here now

Yes, signing players with established track records and still a lot of mileage left is a Gimmick. :roll:

To use an MMA analogy, the signing of Kimbo Slice was a gimmick, the signing of Yoshrio Akiyama (as the UFC was going to make a push into Japan) was not. It's not a gimmick signing if the guy has talent, it's a gimmick signing if he has no place being in the league. Brett Farve would be a gimmick signing (big name but way too far over the hill), Andy Fantuz is not.

I think what he meant to say. Is that he feels the team is trying to take shortcuts building a team instead of developing from within. At least that's how I understand it. No need to lynch him.

...or having fans vote for the first play from scrimmage? :lol: