Fantuz and CJ

I read CJ's injury isn't as bad as it looked, and man did it look bad.

Fantuz couldn't hold up his arm as he left the field.

anyone with any news?

Drew Edwards mentioned in an interview with Bill Kelly this morning that there probably wouldn't be any news for a day or two. I expect that this is a day off for the team before preparing for Winnipeg so no media scrums for updates today.

Heard Gable is out for a bit and Grigsby may be coming back, nothing on Fantuz

I'd be surprised to see Grigsby after dropped passes and blown protections in the preseason.

Although I'm not sold on Holley, he is more of a receiving back / out side runner like Gable.

Woodson showed some guts and picked up important yards, it was the first real performance i've seen of him.

Next week @ RB; #1 Woodson, #2 Holley

As for fantuz, who's our next up for National pass catchers? Coats? I'd love to see him get more game time, i think he's got more potential than he's had opportunity.

remember if we start Woodson at running back,since he is a National we can start an all American line-up at receiver. You may see Sinkfield sliding back into the starting rotation. Again i hope that both injuries aren't that severe and we get them back for Labour Day

i guess that makes sense :cry:

I don’t know all the ins and outs of the ratio game (and I don’t want to get all worked up over it either lol) but If this is possible it sounds great. there’s a lot of talent riding the pine

Gotta have 7 Cdn starters on the field of play split between O and D, the rest will be filled by imports. 21 Cdns and 21 imports on active roster during the game, plus your 3 Qbs

Next game my starting 7 Cdns would be(if Fantuz cannot play)

Then you have a WR crew that looks nice


With Banks and Coates backing up, that a nice core to have out there....hopefully we can pull this off

thanks TC53

that is a dangerous unit.

speaking of QB's... anyone else at the game see Jacory Harris making one handed catches will warming up.

im thinking wild cat formation

Harris looks skinny on TV but in person he is built

Grigsby may be on his way back, makes sense.

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The key to all this is having Coates, a national receiver, on the 44-man game roster. If we start Woodson and he is injured (knock wood) or just needs a rest for a play or two, his backup would be an international. Meaning we'd need to replace one of the other internationals on offence with a national, and that means Coates coming in for one of the international receivers.

Grigsby set for Ticats return: sources

[b]I’m hearing from a couple of different sources that running back Nic Grigsby will return to the Ticats this week and he could be at practice as early as Wednesday.

The team is in need of another international running back after C.J. Gable was injured in Monday’s win over the Argos. There was no update available on Gable’s condition today – or that of receiver Andy Fantuz, who also left the game – but initial indications were that he could miss extended playing time.

Grigsby was the team’s starting running back in the Grey Cup last season after being picked up following his release from Winnipeg. He re-signed with Hamilton in the off-season but struggled with injuries in training camp and was released on July 14. With Gable injured, however, rookie Ray Holley is now the Ticats’ only international running back. Grigsby knows the offensive system and was praised by head coach Kent Austin for his professionalism when he was released.[/b]

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This is part of the reason not having a healthy Spencer Watt hurts.

In other non-import receiver news, I took a peak at Sam Giguere's current stats for Montreal. Through 5 games, he has 6 catches for 59 yards and one TD. That puts him on an 18 game pace for 22 catches for 213 yards and 4 TDs (rounding up). Nothing against Giguere, but some folks suggested is was a tragic mistake not to retain him, but so far he hasn't lit things up for his new team.

the great Grigsby is the new Avon Cobourne. Hire than fire than rehire only to be fired again.
I know it's a sports is a business but that sucks.

And, other than S.J. no other Als receiver has "lit things up." That, and they have been through 3 different QBs in 6 weeks, one of whom is a raw rookie. It seems to me that Cato looks to Sam often and they just haven't gotten in rhythm yet. You might want to give it some time before you start calling him a bust.

Drew Edwards ?@scratchingpost 10m10 minutes ago
#Ticats coach Kent Austin says injuries to @CJ_Gable & @andyfantuz are not season ending. Gable likely out longer than Fantuz. #CFL