fantuz and burris killed us

some great moments from these two, but more important are their bad decisions and bad coaching...what a frustrating year!!

I didn't know Fantuz and Burries played on the defense.

Every offense in the league has turnovers and bad games.

But way too many times this year, it was the defense. Tonite again, even with the mistakes we made, the defense couldn't get off the field. We let a 4th stringer drive with a minute left for a win.

but for fantuz the ticats are in the playoffs.

No excuse for the fumble that prevented a ticat TD tonight.

On the muffed FG in bad weather, he should have accounted for it. He should have dryed the tee, left his hand on it until he had to catch the ball, and then made sure that if it did slip, the bottom would go toward the players instead of away. At least then, the FG would still have been possible.

Defence hasn't managed a stop all year when they had to have one.

If anything, Burris & Fantuz are probably guilty of trying to do too much to compensate for our crappy D.

We would have been smoked by Ray next week anyways.

No doubt about it that Fantuz has to clean up some parts of his game but overall, you cannot blame this crappy season all on Fantuz.

During our 5 game losing streak, in the first 4 games, we were either leading or tied with less than 3 minutes remaining. Those 4 games, were our season. Defense can't hold anyone.

The title of this post is beyond ludicrous. Doesn't even warrant any discussion.

Gosh. I was wondering when you might appear...but I agree with you on Hank. He played a hell of a game

Burris had a career year and lead the league in 2012 in several categories.

Fantuz finishes with 971 yards ( 3rd best, 1,380 and 978) and career high TDs with 8. (If he didn't miss that game or two, would have had another 1,000 yd season)

40 points.

Brutal post.

I agree.Maybe Henry and Andy had some good games but the careless fumble and reckless turnovers today was to much to take.When the team struggles to get all the way down to the 5 yard line and Fantuz fumbles it just burns out your team. :thdn:

Theres no queston Burris had a hell of a year. The fact that this thred was started is mind boggling. I think he accomplished his main goal this year which was to prove to John Hufnagel and everyone else that questioned his ability that he was still able to play and at elite level, If the Tiger-Cats were able to win the close games this year then this thred would not exist.All the bad stuff that happened this year has covered up the bright spots.
My only question is will he be able to do it again next year without that extra chip on his sholder?
We shall see.
As for Fantuz, I think he was put on a pedestal in the off season and there was no way he could live up the everyones expectations. He still had a desent season, and the botched snap could have happened to anyone.

Good points above, botched FG could have happened to anyone, and Andy could never live up to the pre-season hype. Still, receiver is and - even before we signed Fantuz - was our most talented position. I'd be more than willing to dump his salary if it means we can get some talent on D. Jones, Williams, Stala, Kelly, Grant and Giguerre is still a pretty talented receiving corps.

You can't lay this horrible season at the feet of just two players, let alone these two. Sure, they were involved in plays that cost us at critical times, but it's a team sport. As has been pointed out numerous times through the season, our defense has been inconsistent, to put it mildly, and in my opinion, we should never have been in this situation of a "must win".
Hindsight is a wonderfull thing and if you look back there were games we should have won, but gave away, actually handed the win over. and that's what killed us, not Fantuz and Burris.

Ridiculous title to this thread. Fantuz just made some human mistakes at crucial times that cost but he's a gamer and will be back. I'd like to see them try him a bit more on deeper routes as one of the announcers on TSN was saying. Burris same thing, just some unfortunate mistakes.

But that wasn't the problem this year and really are highlights, I think both thought they had to do more than they should because the defence stank so much.

2 interceptions - 2 touchdowns. Who cares about his stats, the only stat that means anything is a win and we did not get it.

Burris needs to be given safer plays when backed up in his own end. Seems like the pick 6 was very similar to the one in the last Argo match. Why doesn't he never roll oput of the pocket? I think Fantuz is a liability. Sorry, but Stala is more than capable of starting in his place. He's money on 2nd down and was not utilized enough. By the way, where was Chevon Walker tonight?

The topic nailed it right on...Our QB with all the turnovers and this love affair throwing to Fantuz...without "stupid interceptions" we would have won the game very easily...I wonder how anyone is going to try and blame the 1st quarter on the defense ?? ...But I'm sure there are some will try. The 1st quarter put us in a hole with no pressure and mistake after mistake by our offense...It was a good thing our defense kept it down to 20 points for the next 3 quarters so the offense could catch up...but no...most will go on & on about stats and records when the only thing I care about are wins!!!

I lose faith in humanity when I read posts like this....

When you know you have to score 35+ per game, youre going to force more than you should. You know damn well you need points on almost every drive because regardless of field position the defense is going to allow the other team to march allll the way back.

I dunno ... When Kobe & Shaquille played together they won? LeBron & DWade made it work. :cry:

I honestly don't understand why Henry & Andy don't get most of the blame. They are 10% of the payroll. They were the major off season signings. This team was built for offence.




With that talent?

well, you got one point right. You dont understand.