A lot of people were down about Andy's future with the Cats, including myself but just so happy to see him playing great and to his full potential. That second touchdown catch was a thing of beauty.

It hasn't always been a smooth ride with Fantuz on the team for obvious reasons and never because of a lack of talent, but when he is in the lineup there aren't many better in the league at getting opening with a set of super sticky hands.

343 yards and 4 touchdowns on the season, keep it up Andy! :cowboy:

No question about Andy's talent , it's keeping him healthy that's the Concern.

I agree with the preceding comments on Andy. There's something different about him this season. Maybe it's an adjusted attitude, or approach to the job, aware of his age and that he's in the late autumn, if not early winter, of his career. I think he's appreciating playing the game more and really enjoying it.

My friend Andy (imagine Morgan Freeman speaking) is healthy and is getting open. Welcome to Zihuatanejo! Shawshank is the best movie ever!

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

Many thought" The Great Fantuz" was on the ropes after his last injury, but worked hard and got himself in supper condition. He now looks like the Andy of old. What a great talent. :thup:

Good one, PatLynch...this guy is 30 odd years younger (than us?), and has the heart, talent and intelligence to play until you can show me something better. (Or cheaper!) Is there a Team in the League that would not sign him in a heartbeat? We are lucky to have him...reminds me of Huey Campbell, not the fastest runner of the bunch, but could hang on to anything thrown within reasonable reach, and get 'open'!

Did anyone else notice that Andy is ambidextrous?

His punts after TD’s were done with different feet - I think the first one was his left foot and the second one he kicked with his right foot.

I noticed this while watching the highlights. I’m not sure if one went farther than the other, but it was another impressive weapon in his arsenal in any event. I especially hope he gets multiple TD’s in future games so we can all guess which foot he will use to do his punting with. :wink:

(My guess would be the left, then right, order).


Nope, didn't notice. But that does raise an interesting possibility - the left-footed short kickoff, like the one Joe Poplawski did years back.

It was obvious that the Bombers were going to be trying a short kickoff. Poplawski had lined up to the right of the kicker. Before the kick, most of the Bomber players ran to the left, pulling almost the entire return team that way, with Poplawski moving that way as well, but not all the way. The kicker faked the kick to the left, and then Poplawski, known to be a good soccer player, hooked the ball with his left foot to the open right sideline, where it was recovered by the Bomber players who had stayed on that side.

Does Fantuz normally come on for short kickoffs? He's got the size for it. If so, would they notice him on the field?

It seems fitting that as a Canadian, Andy would be bilingual in both feet. As for the kickoff coverage team, that would be a dead giveaway that something was up. My " friend Andy " doesn't do coverage teams but if you ever need someone to dig a tunnel or crawl through a sewage pipe, Andy's your man. :lol:

Speaking of Morgan Freeman, try Googling Frank Caliendo and watch his impression of the voice of God (Morgan Freeman). Caliendo is amazing! :thup: :thup: :thup:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

I know he doesn't normally come on for kickoffs. But for short kickoffs, i.e. the "hands team" (as TSN likes to call it)? As I said, he's got the size for it, and definitely the hands.

And totally agree about Caliendo. Doesn't matter who he's impersonating, he always manages to amaze me.