Just wondering what others think about showing some of the other core player some love similar to whenever Andy makes a catch...For example a LUUUUUKE for Tasker or a SPEEDY chant whenever banks goes back for a kick/punt return and maybe a SIMMY or HOV for whenever Simoni makes a play.

I like it, anything to add more atmosphere and fan involvement. I think a "LUUUUKE" chant could easily catch on especially with how many balls the guy catches.

HOVA HOVA HOVA when Sim makes a play :slight_smile:

I was thinking, by title, this might be a thread questioning the state of "FANTUUUUUUZ." Wrong! Again!!
Perhaps alone, I've been wondering about it with him kept out of both pre-season games and also missing from camp for, at least, a couple of days this week. Any chance he's hurtin', again?

nope just protecting Canada best Rec