Fantusz for Outstanding Canadian

Based on how he has elevated his game with the injury to Dominguez, he’s in pretty good shape to get it as long as he finishes strong. Top 5 in CFL receiving right now.

Fantuz sir, not Fantusz

He has a great chance at it, but please spell his name right.

I disagree, while he has made a case for himself over the last few weeks, Clermont and Cahoon have the consistency over the season to be the favourites. Fantuz needs to have 3 more monster games like he did today to warrant serious consideration for the award.

ummm what are you talking about sambo? Fantuz now has more receiving yards than both Cahoon and Clermont... If they are going to give it to a receiver, it WILL go to the receiver with the best numbers.

Yeah, sorry Sambo. I gotta disagree with you on this one... Its not going to go to Cahoon, guaranteed. Possibly Clermont, but even then I think Fantuz would get the edge

Currently, i cant see fantuz winning this award. He had this one excellent game that jumps him way up in yards but thats only been a one off so far. If he plays his regular game the rest of the way there is no way one game should be the decider as the rsults of this one game skew his total a lil. Throw those yards up against a good D would have been more impressive (although that was a hella good amount of yards). If he plays much better than what he normally has from here on then he should be given consideration, if this was his one shining moment then no way. Other have been more consistantly good this year.

I thought Clermont was the front runner.....until today.
Now, not so much. If Andy gets Player of the Week (not just Canadian), then he may be the front runner now.
But Sambo is correct in as much as Andy will still need to keep the pace up the rest of the way to win it.

Wonder if all the people who jumped off Andy's bandwagon have gotten through the wait lists to get surgery on the broken ankles yet?

He's probably the front runner now to be honest. He leads all Canadian receivers in yards after that monster game and it will come down to the last 3 games to really decide it.

Kamau Peterson, Ben Cahoon, Jason Clermont can all win it still.

i will be bias and will say cahoon deserves it becasue he doesnt only make big catches but he also puts his body on the line to make a block, also is rarely penalized, very reliable, and also kicked a game winning FG this season

You obviously don't watch Rider Games. Your opinion is irrelevant.

Assuming only receivers are in contention....
Peterson has two issues.
His team likely misses the play-offs, and his production has been dropping off lately.
Brent Johnson could still get the nod in BC.

To be honest, I don't think Brent Johnson will even get consideration this year. He's having a pretty good year, but he's over looked by their all around very good defense.

I think Lumsden would have had a shot if he played all 18 games but alas, it was not to be.

Other than that I can't think of anyone that stands out.

The thing with Johnson is, he is still the best defender on that strong team.
So I am not sure you overlook that.
And given that it has been defence, not offence that is winning games for BC...

Anyway, Jesse would have been a shoein if he had kept up the pace and not been hurt.
He might have been MOP.
He'll still likely be Hamilton's nomination...

the award is most oustanding Canadian, not most consistent.

Like all awards, you award achievement, not your favourite.(except for fan choice awards)
Obviously there are usually various dimensions a player can be rated on, but with receivers, it really is and always has been just one.
If the award goes to a reciever, it should go to the guy with the most yards... why bring in subjective measures like "he had bigger catches" and "he is the heart of the team"? If thats the case, lets change the name from outstanding canadian to League's favourite Canadian...

Obviously Fantuz will have to keep it up, but if he finishes the year in the lead for reception yardage, it would be a travesty to give it to another receiver.

you mean Dropsy Peterson? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

he'll never get it.. hehe..

that's too funny!

Consistency is part of what makes you outstanding, don’t you think?

If you look at the stats page, Fantuz, Clermont and Cahoon have all been equally consistent or inconsistent.

Lets not forget Fantuz is what 23? second year player and putting up performances of a seasoned veteran, I think he has a good shot at outstanding Canadian.

At least off. player of the week.