Some friends of mine want to start a CFL fantasy league next season. We all live in California and none follow the CFL (Well, I followed the Surge/Gold Minors back closely back in the day before all the American teams were so heartlessly and maliciously ripped from us……), so thought this would be a good way to level the playing field. Google tells me TSN offers a service but it doesn’t look like a proper league with a draft and trades and so forth (Unless I’m missing some options…). Does someone offer that service?

I’m in Cali too…Fantes-eh did, but they halted last year. Only game seems to be the week by week TSN.

I would think that DrafKings will be an option again this season.

Hey Stilger, welcome to the forums! We actually did a study of this question - whether the league should build its own head-to-head fantasy game - and had to conclude on the facts that the compromises that would have to be made would make it a non-starter for the moment.

We are however seeing if we can work with a partner to offer a non-official head-to-head game. I'm not 100% it's going to happen but I'll provide an update here if it happens. :slight_smile:

Better leagues would be great, but Draftkings does have leagues.

There is another league in the works that is hopefully ready for this season. Hopefully hear more on that within a week, but it has run in beta for a while...will post if I hear more.