Fantasy Team Bug

Hey guys, I'm having some trouble with my fantasy team picks. I signed up a little lte so I have no points going into the second week, but whenever I pick my roster for this weeks games it never saves. I'll go to fix up my FREAK or close the browser and when I come back they'll be no players picked for my team.

Any ideas what might be going wrong or how to fix it?

I am having the same problem any one else of that solution.

It is working fine for me.
Except some of my picks from last week still dont have points

iunno but i don;lt like the lack in players you can pcik from, last year with fsn was better when you could pick anyone

I cant even sign in's too bad you don't like our game as much.
We designed the game for the whole family and we hoped the limit of players would be compensated by the overall design, gameplay and prizes. I hope it grows on you.

We are just working out the bugs from week one, but everything should be clearing itself up very soon. The grand prize standings begin in week 8 (with great prizes still available during the 1st 7 weeks) and by then we will be rocking and rolling.

see the Freaks forum at the top of the overall forum to see more answers and conversation about the game.

Thnx for playing and Good luck!!

Happy Canada Day,

hey frak i never said i didn't like it i have 2 accounts using both my emails, and make my picks every week. its understandable why, but i think some guys that rack up good stats get excluded in the design.

…ummm…it does say no multiple accounts, doesn’t it? Is that something you should maybe be stating here?

I am in the same boat.

me too

We're updating for week 2 now...just working through some final week 1 bugs.
sry for the inconvenience.

jm i have 2 emails that i use, i did the same with the fsn. and besides my rosters are normally the same between my accounts. so i see no harm in using both. they want people using the program and i am.

It says right at the beginning of the "play by the rules" section that there is to be one username per account...I personally don't care what you do, but I'm wondering how many smarts it takes to announce publicly that you're breaking the rules...:wink:

and i only have 1 username in the fantasy game per email. 2 emails, 2 accounts split bewteen them. hey look i can do math to. i don't think i am really breaking any rules by doing that way because i am only using 1 name per email and i bet i am not the only one who has.

Read the rules again - it says one username per person, not one username per email address. Whether or not you're the only one isn't the point...they're not publicly admitting to breaking the rules of one username per did, and I find that freakin' hilarious...

lol forget about the acounts, I'm just trying to figure out how we're able to save our rosters so I don't go 2 weeks without points, anyone have a solution?. freak I see you're updating the CFFL page but will it just be different picks or will we hve the option to save our rosters?

There will only be a few player changes. Your lineup is automatically carried over from week to week. It only changes if you change it.
The game will be back up tomorrow.
We just want to make it the best experience possible and have EVERY little thing sorted out for the beginning of the Grand Prize and Overall game starting in Week 8.

hang in there...we're getting really close!!


Thanks for the info it’s just what I was looking for

It reminds me of the time I was reading the forum on a PC game site. Some guy signs up and asks if anyone knows how to break the copy protection! :?