Fantasy Sports on FSN

Who is playing Fantasy Sports on FSN this year? I love the games, and have setup leagues in both games called: CFLRULES!!! Come play!!!!


I just signed myself up for both leagues today.

Oops, looks like someone beat me to the punch.

I've set up a league there as well. I couldn't tell if there were any Forum posters in that pool mentioned earlier, so I've set one up in each contest called Huddle-ites.

to enter, use the password


See you all there

I threw together a team for fun. I'll check it out over the season to get a feel for it. Should be fun!


anybody got a link to it?

Then Search “ Huddle-ites” To Get In

I can't seem to enter the league

You Have To Create Your Team First(Remember To Give It A Name That Corisponds With Your Account) Then Find The League, There Should Be An Option To Add Your Team To That League. Once You've Found That Just Simply Put In The Password And Your Set.

I'm in, Thanks Bamboo!

Glad I Could Help, It's Looking Like We Need All The Members We Can Get.