Fantasy Projections: Maximizing your Week 5

What we know entering Week 5 of CFL Fantasy football is that we don’t know much. The early trends have indicated more passing, and while scoring appears to be perking up, the amount of consistent quarterback play feels thin. However, the return of Ottawa’s Jeremiah Masoli should help matters as we return to normal with a four-game slate.

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I have to laugh at the way these tsn types continue to overrate Jehremiah Masoli year after year. Yeah he puts up some yards but he doesn’t put points on the board which is why he’s in Ottawa now instead of still being in Hamilton.

I can’t believe these clowns don’t even have a picture of Jamal Morrow for fantasy football at this point. That is just such a typical insult to Saskatchewan fans, right up there with Darnell Sankey in a Calgary uniform for the all star ballot last year. What a disgrace, this website should be embarrassed and ashamed.

so this list is basically the top salary players at each position…