FANTASY POOL: a first glimpse at the results!

So, it looks like our friend Eskimos32001 isnt willing to compile the first week of the preseasons stats for our much wanted CFL Fantasy Pool. Well, I for one, wont let it die !

I put together the whole thing with the picks Bamboo, RedandWhite and I posted last week.

I used the following scoring system :

Passing yard = 0,04 point
Passing TD = 4 points
Rushing/receiving yard = 0,1 point
Rushing/receiving/defensive TD = 6 points
Interception thrown = -5 points
Fumble = -4 points
Tackles = 1 points
Sacks = 3 points
Interception picked-up = 5 points
Fumble forced = 3 points
Fumble recovered = 3 points
Field goal = 3 points
Allowed 0-10 points (defensive players only) = 6 points
Allowed 11-20 points (defensive players only) = 3 points
Allowed 21-30 points (defensive players only) = 1 points

Of course, Im afraid to confess all three participants looked lame enough. We all went for too many starting players who did not play at all. And since most QBs havent played much, they havent had the time to rack up enough yards and TDs to counterbalance the points lost to fumbles and interceptions.

However, here are the stats after the first week :

  1. Third And Ten = 41,26 points
  2. RedandWhite = 38,76 points
  3. Bamboo = 19,64 points

The top three performers were :

  1. Kerry Joseph = 14,26 points
  2. Noel Prefontaine / Duncan OMahony = 9 points
  3. Nate Davis = 8 points

The worst three players were :

  1. Ted White = -4,56 points
  2. Joffrey Reynolds = -3,4 points
  3. Damon Allen = -2,1

Here are each teams stats :

QB - T. White (-4,56)
QB - D. Allen (-2,1)
RB - T. Davis (4,5)
RB - K. Keith (0)
WR/SB - B. Cahoon (0)
WR/SB - A Bruce (0)
DL - J Montford (6)
DL - A Young (4)
LB - R. Hunt (0)
LB - K. Eiben (4)
DB - O. Stienauer (0)
DB - K. Weaton (0)
K -P. McCallum (7,8 )

QB J. Maas (0)
QB J. Gesser (-1,24)
RB J. Reynolds (-3,4)
RB C. Roberts (0)
WR M. Dominguez (3,4)
WR J. Clermont (7)
DL E. Philion (3)
DL J. Montford (6)
LB S. Coe (7)
LB N. Davis (8 )
DB B. Miles (0)
DB K. Malveaux (0)
K D. O'Mahony (9)

QB - Ricky Ray (4,5)
QB - Kerry Joseph (14,26)
RB - Charles Roberts (0)
RB - Troy Davis (4,5)
WR/SB - Geroy Simon (0)
WR/SB - Ed Hervey (0)
DL - Anwar Stewart (2)
DL - Terrell Jurineack (2)
LB - John Grace (5)
LB - Duane Butler (0)
DB - Malcolm Frank (0)
DB - Reggie Hunt (0)
K - Noel Prefontaine (9)

first of all..where the hell did you get your stats, if i had them, i would post the results, with a system that doesnt need decimals (or commas in your case)

second of all..i will be doing the regular season when the stats are avialable.

What's wrong with decimals? Can't you imagine a more dramatical way to win than when you end up with less that a point above the 2nd place participant?

........waaa.......No. 2!!!!!......waaaa..........last time I pick anything from Edmonton...........

can i join for the season ??

and Ted white at minus 4.56 points ! LOL

Everybody can join...

And yeah, Ted White is as pathetic on paper as he his on the field. His three turnovers erased his passing yards and TD pass... lol.

Fun fact:
RedandWhite, had you replaced Joffrey Reynolds by a runner who did not play, you would have been first !!!

Well Good For You 3rd & 10 For Being Able To Find The Stats, Calculating Everything, And Having The Only Team To Break 0 Points With The QB/RB Tandum. Also, In My Defence I Figgured That Against Ottawa's Secondary Even I Could Get Positive Yards.

Maybe the Als could hire you as AC's back-up...

As for my performance, it's pure luck. Kerry Joseph accounted for 33% of my overall score !

I dont mind decimals if they are used the way I way always taught to use them.
I remember when one thousand and one half was written
now it seems to be written,
1 000,50
:shock: dont ask me why

There's a pure logical explanation to that :

I'm a francophone.

In english, you guys put commas to separate blocks of three numbers, and the dot to add decimals. In french, we use the comma to separate the decimals and we just put spacing between blocks of three numbers.

When I typed the above, I forgot such a detail and went for what's natural to me. If it get you guys confused, I have no problem at all to use the dot instead. I can even edit my post! :wink:

hehehe that's why it look good to me 3rd&10 :mrgreen:

I might be intereseted in joining for the regular season. What are the rules?



Well, Eskimos32001 first said he wanted to do this Fantasy Pool thing this season, so you might ask him about the rules.

But I'm not really into his scoring system... and since he didn't pursue with the preseason test, I took over.

I certainly don't mind doing it this summer. If C3-PO wants to do it differently, we could have to Fantasy Pools, one being the Western division, and one being the Eastern one ! Then, top three participants of each one could meet during the playoffs. lol..

The rules I'd prefer would be the above scoring system. For players switch, I'd allow any participant to change as many players as they want, but with a twist: if you change a player, the change becomes effective after his team's next game. So you'd have to take chances with players returning from injuries and stuff by announcing you want them over a week in advance.

As for stats... you guys will think I'm crazy if I tell you where I got them...

Ah, what the hell... I extracted everything by hand from the complete play-by-play wrap-ups available in the "Live Play-by-Play" section.

Yeah... That DOES take some time... but I like football enough to do it.

well amen to you on that one Third And Ten if u need any help doing the scoring system or anything i can help to the best of my abilities ill have nothign else better to do until skool starts again lol

will you start a thread where we can register our picks ? or there's already an existing one(that i miss)?

Sorry bout the decimel thingy
Lived here all my life and never realized it was a Francophone thing. I just noticed it was being used more and more

This thread could be the starting point. Drop your picks in here as soon as you want, and I bet people will buy-in when they see it gets in shape.

People usually want to participate in games that involve a lot of people.

Just pick:

2 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR and/or SB, 2 DL, 2 LB, 2 DB and 1 K.

Picks for Regular Season, Week 1.
Anothy Cavillo QB
Dave Dickinson QB
Kenton Keith RB
Antonio Warren RB
Ben Cahoon SB
Geroy Simon SB
Micheal O Shea DL
Joe Flemming DL
Kevin Eiben LB
Barrin Simpson LB
Barron Miles DB
Eddie Davis DB
Sean Flemmin K

OK, first of all, this is my fantasy league, i just gave up on the preseason test.

and the decimal thing.....why can't 0.5 be replaced with 5, and then just have more points, are u guys completely inable to figure out numbers higher than 100?

i will be doing the regular season, and you can post ur picks when i start the threads......the thread will be labeled CFL Fantasy Huddle Week 1

Here are mine :

QB Anthony Calvillo (Mtl)
QB Ricky Ray (Edm)
RB Josh Ranek (Ott)
RB Charles Roberts (Wpg)
WR/SB Ben Cahoon (Mtl)
WR/SB Jason Clermont (BC)
DL Terrell Jurineack (Ssk)
DL Anwar Stewart (Mtl)
LB John Grace (Cgy)
LB Kevin Eiben (Tor)
DB Malcolm Frank (Edm)
DB Santino Hall (Ssk)
K Noel Prefontaine (Tor)

Eskimos32001, theres no such thing as a « game exclusivity » on this site, especially not if the rules differ. This doesnt keep you at all from running your Fantasy Pool. I just plan on running this in parallel so 1) that we can see what system provides the closest results in rankings and 2) so that players have some kind of an « insurance policy » shall you not find the stats, drop out for some other reason or give arbitrary minuses for players who dont send their choices in time.

Lets remember : its all for fun. :wink: