Fantasy options

Fantasy options appear limited this year. A couple options I could find Canadian Football Survivor 2008 CFL Pick 'em Challenge

Nothing from this year (didn't the CFL usually sponsor these?) or TSN, except the daily line.

Anybody know of any other major contests?

The CFL is running its own Fantasy League this year. Check out The Freaks topic for details.

There are two fantasy games right on this site.. one is just for braggin' rights, and the other has a grand prize of a trip to the Grey Cup. Just click on the Fantasy tab at the top of the page. The other one is in the sticky section of the forum.

Like Sambo said, we also have some fantasy options here.

BigDave's Virtual Grey Cup Challenge

Fooks' Fantasy Huddle

CFL Fantasy Football

Thanks Chief, sambo

I saw the sticky in the forum. I can't get the fantasy link to load, so I figured it was abandoned, so I went looking elsewhere.

Are you using Firefox? I couldn't get it to load in firefox, but it will load for me with Internet Explorer. Try that if you are having issues.

I use FF and it loads fine for me.