"Fantasy Land"

Here's a spot just for Al's Fans and Stamp Fans and Rider fans.

Have fun....

Why these three? I can see why the Riders, since they're your natural rivals, but why the Als and Stamps?

Wheres the "none of the above" section?

By the way, I respect a lot of players in this league, but I can't say I fear them. In all honesty, there are only two players I fear in the CFL:

  • Dave Dickenson, because he is so good at knowing what's coming and not falling for it. That guy always play against the Als like he has our gameplan.

  • Mike O'Shea, because I know he's not just trying to sack Calvillo. He's trying to take him out.

As a Rider fan it's tough to fear a team that"

  • isn't even in your own division

-who finished 5-13 last year (with 3 losses to the Riders)

-we have played longer into the season then them the last 3 years.

Granted they made improvements, just not enough to say 'ugh we play the Bombers this week, good luck in us getting two points this week'

But roughy, don't forget how dangerous are teams with a back-up QB as a starter, a rookie head coach, no punter and a linebacker who'd rather be elsewhere... Top threat!

In fact it was a jab at your little poll from yesterday.

By the way, don't you think the Bombers are going to have a rivalry with the Al's this season. six games sounds like the start of one to me. Remember the Bombers are in the East this year, why worry about the West, till Play-offs.
That is why I feel so good about the Bombers chances, we couldn't buy a win against the west last year.... :shock:

I will also say that it is the Stamps and Rider fans who seem to knock the Bombers the most... You do the math.... :roll:

Probably because all this forum has talked about for the last little while has been the Bombers. If you count the last 30 topics that have been posted in 12/30 (40%) have to do with the Bombers. That's including topics that don't even talk about teams like the sirius radio topic and cfl shop.

See, that is what I have said all along... I can handle it if we start a whole bunch of new threads, trash talking other teams.. But it seems to me the Bombers seem the be the talk of the town...er...Country...

GO BOMBERS GO.... :lol:

God I love it when the truth comes out...

What truth?? That the bombers may have improved , but not enough to make the playoffs?? without a starting QB, you will be lucky just to compete for 3rd?? Maybe the real truth is that you and other Bomber fans dont want to admit that they are not really improved a great deal, you just want everyone else to think that you have a great team

Again Comments from a Rider fan, who most likely never saw a game last year, or is a bit short on brain cells....

In my books Kevin Glenn is a Second year starter.. He has more CFL expeirence then Ricky Ray, and he put up solid numbers last year while dealing with a rotating O-line, Injuries (himself and a few key receivers) and of course, I will say it a bag of crap D and Head coach.
BTW: We now have this Banks Kid. Have you heard of him. You have to start at the bottom to get to the top...

WP , you dont have on QB that has proved they are capable of being a starter in this league. It is a cold hard fact, and until any one of the QBs you have in camp proves otherwise, you are facing a long year. I hope the Bomber's D dont have a collective heart attack from all the running they will do on the field this year.

WinnerPegger, you seem like a guy who'd brag for winning the preseason games... Will you do that if you beat the Als?

BTW, what poll have I done yesterday?

I donno about bragging, but after last year, I'll feel real good about any win's. It will also sell tickets. I know it's not to hard to sell out that we little thing in Montreal, but Come on... It's much better to win.

I would say you are full of Doggie DO-DO if you were not happy to see the Al's win through preseason. On the other hand if you go to a football game not carring if your team losses then I would call you an idiot.. Are you an Idiot?

My post comments are for the fans(red2005 made the post yesterday)It was Rider,Stamp and Al's fans that commented...

easy with the name-calling.

Pre-season games don't matter. If your team wins sure that's nice but it's a chance to see some of the rookies play and for the veterans to get their feet wet again. I go to a pre-season game to see how certain players are doing, for example how does Matt Dominguez' knee look or how do our new players look and is our offensive coordinator going to be more creative.

Actually winnipeger.
Go back and check out the posts after Ottawa beat Montreal in the Preseason. Everyone was saying how Montreal was washed up and their time was over and Ottawa was a threat to be reconed with. Every Als fans here said then that it is meaningless. The Als went to the cup and Ottawa didn't make the playoffs

Bull... You go to see your team win...

I'm not trying to call people names, I just beleive strongly that we all support our teams and brag about our teams.. If that is the case then we play the Al's only 4 times and play two senseless games. Again Bull...

Next thing your going to tell me is the play the preseason without equipment. :lol:

BTW: if it makes you feel better, I'm an Idiot too... I thought Preseason was still football with one team trying to beat the other. Guess I was mistaken

From time to time...

Of course, I'd prefer to see the Als win in the preseason game than not. But I can frankly say I am not bothered by a loss in such circumstances. Ottawa beat us a few times in preseason, including last year's game in Montreal. But when it counted, we beat the shlt out of them. I think the only regular season game they won against us in four years was that July 1st collapse last year when we blew a 33 points lead.

I remember being in the stands for the preseason loss. Seeing Ted White trying to get the ball to a guy named Javarus Dudley. Both of which are out of a job right now. I had fun nonetheless. I discovered John Nix was one mean mutha'fucka. I saw Philip Gauthier was a gem who'd shine once polished. I saw Matthieu Proulx was for real. I enjoyed nice runs from Jonas Lewis. I discovered Mike Vilimek was fast and could catch balls.

So yeah, I got out of there with a smile on my face. Quite possibily because I had an "Alouettes' fix" after a few months without football.

I'll tell you this WinnerPegger, even if Montreal wins both games against the Bombers in the preseason, I won't even say a thing that'll look like bragging.