Fantasy Huddle...

I am leaving this here message board, and since the Fantasy Huddle got a good response, I am going to give it upon someone's shoulders to continue it. I will decide, but are there any takers?

you mean where you guys pick a roster for a week abd see how the players do?

Sorry to see you going, 32001. Why?

Going? Eskies 32001.....You can't be that far from a computer....Whats Up?

Fooks did a good job assisting you. How about him?

Hey, I'd be willing to do it. I'd try to post everything on a Webpage so that its easier to know which player paid how many points.

So...what did happen to Eskies 32001???

I think he is still a member but can't be on here 24/7 like before, or maybe he is taking a summer trip?

just switching forums that’s all…I’m still a frequent poster at other sites, just not here…giving my last will and testament.

Fooks has it if he wants it…Third can have it if Fooks doesn’t want it.

Good luck to ya 32001! come back and see us now in the CFL season eh?

take care

I'll come back and check how the Huddle is doing if it still exists.....

otherwise....Good Bye and All

Good bye.