fantasy grey cup matchups

okay of course i would like wpg in it esp when the big game is in wpg. sooo:
wpg sask-would be great but a terrible draw for tv ratings.
wpg cgy would be the reverse situation from 01.
edm ham for the qb head to head.

i cannot think of a situation where i want bc to make it. not that i hate the lions but they do not really interest me this year. oh wait here it is bc sask with mcallum winning the game on the final play with a 50 yard field goal. bc wins by one. that would be sweet.

top 3

wpg vs calgary- rematch 2001
edm vs mont - usually have great matches
hamilton vs edm - ray vs maas

i also wouldnt mind seeing

wpg vs mont.
wpg vs sask

......sask vs. anyone........
......calgary vs. montreal.......
......edmonton vs. hamilton........

Honestly, I attended that game and I can't say I'd wish for a rematch. Of course, both teams changed a lot over the last five years. And that's a good thing because that game was a comedy of errors. It did not give me the feeling the two best teams were going at it.

And before WPG fans and CGY fans jump all over me, I'll say I did not think my Alouettes deserved to be in the 2000 Grey Cup game either. They were pathetic, and only a lucky turn of event brought them within a score of winning. BC deserved that one, for they almost played it alone. gripes from me......the 2001 stamps had a regular season losing record and won three games in a row at the right time......with Marcus Crandell :shock: .....we'll take the win and the GC but I agree it wasn't the best teams battling at the end, the luckiest maybe, but not the best.....

Guess you dont remember the Western final in 01 R&W where
we had the game won by the half. At that time we were the best
in the west, bar none. Perhaps earlier in the yr we werent, but that time
of yr doesnt matter, ask the Lions.

Dream match is obvious for me Cal vs Edm. Youd get your moneys
worth out of that game turd.

.....I just don't think a 8-10 team should make the playoffs.....then again, edmonton was only 9-9 and won the west title.......weird year.....

Of course. And I'd cheer like I never cheered before for the Horsemen...

Rd 1 East: Montreal bye, Hamilton at Toronto, valiant effort but Ti-Cats fall
Rd 1 West: Calgary bye, Saskatchewan at Edmonton, Riders pull upset
East Semi: Interesting as usual, Als win in final minute
West Semi: Grudge match, Calgary prevails, but is battered
Grey Cup: Stamps hang tough but Als evevntually pull away!

I'm all with your scenario CFL_NEPATS !


Baby steps R&W. We all need to move forward. Going from a Western Semifinal loss to participating in the Grey Cup is a progression. When you just lost the Grey Cup, the only way to progress is to win it. So take a number buddy. You can't take all the fun without sharing it.

But be happy. By my logic, that'll mean a Calgary Grey Cup win in 2007.

this is the one of, if not, THEE reason, that the CO should survive.

  1. SSK Vs. WPG (who wouldn’t want to see that?)
  2. WPG Vs. CGY (revenge would be sweet)
  3. Battle of Alberta, no question
  4. Golden Horseshoe Classic (TO Vs. Ham)
  5. WPG Vs. MON
  6. WPG Vs. any other east team, expect Hamilton (been there, done that, and their still my favorites, even though they look awful)
  7. SSK vs. CAL

and remember RW, I don’t know if it’s true for the CFL, but in the AFL/VFL, if a team loses the premiership one year, odds are that they win it all next season, unless your Collingwood.

You don't need the cross over for that to happen.

Isn't that just a long way to say "WPG vs. TOR" ?

:D, Third my friend, we've gone over this in the past, the genus species Kangainius Kuchanara is impervious to logic's hard outer shell doesn't allow this approach to communication......

you forgot Ottawa third, and I do believe in my heart that they will be back in 2007, hopefully as the Gades with Red and Gold colors.

and the only other way that those matches could happen, besides the CO, is by one team suspending and/or folding, and who wants that again?

Others have said it, but my first choice is Toronto and Hamilton. (With TO being the crossover team, of course.) The two geographically closest teams in the country...especially if the game is being played in Southern Ontario. Wow!

My second choice is Hamilton vs Edmonton, because of the Maas/Ray thing.

Third is a tie for Hamilton versus anyone else. :lol: