fantasy grey cup matchups

Post the grey cup matches that you'd want to see the most. Remember the crossover.

My picks...

  1. Edm vs. Ham - simple enough, ray vs. maas
  2. Edm vs. Mon - round 4 of this decade
  3. Edm vs Cal - probably won't happen, but would be great to watch.

hmmm not too biased is it???
my choices would be

  1. Saskatchewan vs Ottawa(Rough Riders)... I would have loved to have seen a rematch in 77
  2. Saskatchewan vs Edmonton-- I think this is a better rivalry than Sask-Wpg(when Sask has good teams)
  3. Montreal vs Toronto--they are rivals no matter what sport it is

The anybody but Edmonton rule definitely applies here. However B.C. vs. T.O. works for me.

How about Toronto-Saskatchewan.What happened the last time they met in the grey cup?
How about Toronto_Calgary.Hey randw what happened the last time we met you in the Grey Cup!!!!
How is your hockey team doing?

Toronto-Montreal, IMO the best current CFL rivalry, a playoff matchup almost every year

saskergo, how come every time you post you need to swing at R&W? Can't you just post decently once?

  1. Calgary vs. Montreal (Copeland, Grace, White, Burris, Reynolds, Lysack, etc. vs. MY squad)
  2. Edmonton vs. Montreal if AND ONLY IF Montreal wins that one. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
  3. Winnipeg vs. Hamilton (would give hope to fans everywhere, showing bottom-feeders can turnaround in only one year).

The only thing I really don't want to see is Edmonton vs. Toronto, because I can't wish for anyone to win in such scenario.


Wow your Imature Saskargo And thats coming from a 13 year old! :lol:

Yeah you know what riderfan2006.You are probably the only real man that cheers for the riders.
See I can be nice!!!

even if there is a crossover, it wont matter

  1. Winnipeg - Edm (the chumps fall)
  2. Hamiltom - Edm (the chumps fall)

Quick question here.....hoping someone can help me out.....

Why do so many of these threads end up as a pissing match between saskargo and someone else?

This is just getting stupid..... :roll:

Saskargo just brings out the worst in people , and nobody knows that better than RW05 and myself.....


three more fantasy matchups I would like to see:

Edmonton vs. Montreal--they always seem to have good GC matchups
Sask vs. Winnipeg-- the only thing Kanga has posted that I agree with-- a Banjo Bowl GC game.
Toront vs. Hamilton- A great rivalry, and it would make for an interesting championship game.

Good choices Sambo!!!


I dunno... Because hellothere is off-duty?


Montreal VS long as they promise to make it as good as last years!

Toronto VS BC

Calgary VS Hamilton