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Well EXPAT someone had to say it, and i'm glad you did. You are not the only one who thinks this way. I beleive that his receivers made him look a whole lot better than he actually is. He is too short, cant see downfield over rushing linemen, his hands are small resulting in a sometimes unorthadox delivery, and he locks onto receivers, without checking down in tight coverage.Sorry to say, but i dont believe KG will be the QB to get us over the playoff hump.

You know who else would have been deemed "too short": Doug Flutie. The guy was generously listed at 5'8" for most of his career. He didn't have too bad a career as I recall.

Glenn is listed at 5'10"; Durant, 5'11"; Jyles, 6'; Burris and Calvillo 6'1". He's not that much shorter than a majority of starting QBs. Height should not used as a measure of whether a QB will be good or not. There are plenty of tall QBs (cough Quinton Porter cough) who aren't as good as shorter ones.

And that about sums up my feelings about Glenn, thank you Stomp :thup:
Call me a hater or whatever, but I know you too were saying WTF?!?!?! when he threw some of those stupid INT’s (The one to Rod Davis for a TD, the one to Dwight Anderson for a TD, the one in the playoff game, throwing directly to 3 Argo’s with 1 Ticat well covered in the area.Lucky that wasn’t a pick six too, not that it mattered cuz we couldn’t run our O the past 4 or so weeks anyways)

Like I said, rediculious! Glenn is hands down the better QB over a declining Ray. I hope T.O. ends up with Ray. Last I heard from Toronto was they would gladly take Glenn off our hands, as would a half dozen other teams I am sure.
Lets see, give up eastern nominee for a QB who has seen his best days. Boy that makes a lot of sense, Da??


I have to correct something. Glenn is NOT the eastern nominee for most outstanding player. He was the TEAM nominee for outstanding player. Calvillo is the Eastern Nominee for Outstanding player

Sometimes the good doctor misses a few of the details. (He thinks the Ticats hosted the Eastern Final in 2007 - meaning we must have finished in first place.)

Hands down?Nope.Did Ray have an off year?Yep.Was %100 of that his fault?Not even close.Did Glenn have a good year stat wise?No question.But again, in this case his stats mask his actual performance.He's not a winning QB and he doesn't get the job done on a regular basis.With the weapon's we had we definitely could've and should've done better.Is it all Glenn's fault?No.But that's why my fanstasy thing says new OC AND Ricky Ray.And the OC is the one that had RR at his very best.Ray is a much better physical specimen and he was a legend long before KG's 1 amazing year.
PS. You say that Ray is declining.That's what the fans of the Peg said after Glenn's stellar year when he was the ED nominee for MOP, the year he threw 20-20 and got released that off-season.What did he do?When the reigns are handed to him he improves vastly.Why can't that be the case with Ray?Why is it unheard of that he return to his old self or better for that matter?Kevin did.

One question. Is there a good time to throw an interception?

To me, a turnover is a turnover. Whether it's in the red zone, deep in your own end, or at midfield, whether it's an interception, a fumble, or a missed third down gamble, and whether it's at the beginning of the game or the end of the game, it's still a turnover. Any one of them still costs a possession and a possible seven points one way or the other. The only difference I see in all these is that if it's near the end of the game, there's less time to recover from it.

There is no "good time" but it's nearly always the worst time that he throws them.