Fantasy GM

Here's the deal.A genie has granted you a wish to be Bob O'billivich for this off-season only.On this thread you announce your trades (in the realm of possibility preferrably, for ex. i'm sure montreal wouldn't accept a 5th round pick for Calvillo, Cobourne, Duval, Cox, and Cahoon).You also announce your draft choices and free agent signings.In trades you can trade any of this years picks and any of next years picks.In the end, you can compare how you did with the real Obie and see who the REAL wheeler and dealer is.Enjoy!

Here's my first attempt.
trade 1:
To Edmonton:Kevin Glenn IMP QB, neg.list DL
To Hamilton:Ricky Ray IMP QB
trade 2:
To Edmonton:Marquay McDaniel IMP WR, rights to Sam Giguere N/I WR
To Hamilton:Kelly Campbell IMP WR
Mike Gibson not re-signed,
Rick Worman signed as OC
Greg Marshall new BC HC
Richie Hall signed as DC
trade 3:
To Edmonton:Sandro DeAngelis N/I K/P
To Hamilton:Justin Medlock IMP K/P
trade 4:
To Winnipeg:Chris Bauman N/I WR, 4th and 5th round draft choices in 2011 draft
To Hamilton:Corey Watson N/I WR, neg. list DB
trade 5:
To Toronto:Darcy Brown N/I FB, 4th and 5th round draft choices in 2012 draft
To Hamilton:Jeff Johnson N/I FB, 5th round draft choice in 2011 draft
Geoff Tisdale IMP DB signs in the NFL
Adam Nicolson N/I WR signs with Toronto Argonauts
Kevin Challenger N/I WR signs with Hamilton Tiger-Cats
trade 6:
To BC:Eddie Steele N/I DT, neg. list QB
To Hamilton:Kerron Williams IMP DT
Demonte Bolden IMP DT is released
Chris Thompson IMP DB is signed by Hamilton
Jonathon Heffney IMP DB is signed by Hamilton
Ellis Lankster IMP DB is released
trade 7:
To Calgary:Jykine Bradley IMP DB
To Hamilton:Brandon Isaac IMP DB
draft choices:
Round 1 pick 4:Michael Carter DB Maryland
Round 2 pick 4:Anthony Parker SB Calgary
Round 3 pick 4:BPA (best player available)

trade 8:
To Toronto:Matt Carter N/I WR
To Hamilton:Taylor Robertson N/I OL
Release Glenn McKay
Trade 9:
To BC:Alex Gauthier N/I OL
To Hamilton:Steven Black IMP WR

That's all i've got for now folks, cheers! :rockin:

WOW i found someone that thinks about this stuff more than me :slight_smile:

I doubt we could get alot of those guys but i'd hope so
There is alot of good points in there
i don't think we should get an import kicker in Medlock
I'd love to get Thompson back and get Williams in here at DT
Getting Ray now too is a good idea since he is at a low and Glenn is at a high
buy low sell high :slight_smile:

what about running back ?

so you want to destory the continuity weve built up over the past few years? sounds like a solid plan to me

first off, mayb 10% of that will happen, second nobody makes trades in cfl anymore, rarely happens, and 3rd off, you nuts if you want to trade glenn for ray

thats all i have for now, respect your ideas though

so you want to destory the continuity weve built up over the past few years? sounds like a solid plan to me

first off, mayb 10% of that will happen, second nobody makes trades in cfl anymore, rarely happens, and 3rd off, you nuts if you want to trade glenn for ray

thats all i have for now, respect your ideas though

Continuity is a very small part of a successful football team.Glenn isn't as good as his numbers would have you think.He throws dumb interceptions at the worst possible times and has a tough time scoring on a regular basis.Also, lot's of people make trades, just look at the list from last year.Finally, the title is fantasy GM and the point as clearly stated above was to put you in the drivers seat and see how you do things compared to Obie.

Why trade for Ricky Ray?I get this question alot and I think it's answered well above.Ray was not long ago a solid top 3 QB and legend through and through.With the uprising of Zabransky, the need to go in a new direction in Edmonton, the value of KG coming off of a stellar 2010 season stat wise, Ray would probably come cheap.Paired with his old successful OC, a WR who is a year removed from being arguably the biggest WR threat in the league (Kelly Campbell, who'd also likely come cheap as he has slumped and McDaniel's value is up) along with Arland Bruce and one of Ray's old target's in Mann.WOW.
Holy offence Batman! :lol:
Ray could and likely would turn it around with new scenery in a proper set up with a proper OL and stuff.

i agree with you that ray is a great qb but i just dont see him coming here and being successful, i seem to remeber when we tried to do the same with another "great" eskimo qb, but how did that work out? i do not think ray would want to leave edmonton anyways, but im a strong supporter of glenn and believe he is one of the best in the league hands down

we will have to agree to disagree on this one:)

Absolutely, agree to disagree.I can see where your coming from but I think the time's of trying to overpay a star and stick it in a pile of crap and expect it to turn to gold are long since past.
While you're on here, make up your own off-season.That's what this thread's all about after all :slight_smile:

aliright mine would be quite simple really

Jason Shivers
Quinton Porter
Sandro Deangelis
Deandra Cobb
Mike Gibson

Demonte Boldin
Chris Bauman (although I am really hoping he will not!)
Geoff Tisdale (might entertain the NFL, personally wouldnt care if he did)

RB (We need a big running back, who does not want to pick and choose his holes, but will put his shoulderpads down and get the nessacary yardage, without a RB it already damages our passing attack)

I would make Wilbur into our full time kicker, convert Thigpen into a slotback much like Archie Amersons career went, I would like to see us sign Ritchie Hall has our defensive back coach, and I also belive Hebert was play a vital role in our Defense next year

I would not make any trades, i would just scout the free agent market, it wouldnt hurt to add a couple good cover corners because quite frankly we have a terrible defensive backfield, and it wouldnt also hurt to add a new reciever preferably a quick reciever that can stretch the field, but thats where i think thigpen comes into the picture

thats my best attempt at this GM thing:P was kind of distracted by the west final and other things but i belive if we make some of these changes, which arnt many, we can be a serious contender next year:)


Very nice.Well understood and I agree with most of your points.Let's have some more people now :thup:

It worked out wonderfully, actually. The new QB took us to the Grey Cup his first two years - 1998 and 1999.

(A few years later we also brought in the Eskimos' back-up QB - whom no one had ever described as "great".)

Back to the topic of great QBs - if we ever have a chance to get Ray to Hamilton, I say go for it.

I agree with 2ez’s trades, lets do em.
As far as Ray goes, who wants him? He probably gets paid 3 times the money Glenn does, threw for half the touchdowns and half the yds. of Glenn. Besides Edmonton’s back up QB is better than Ray.
15 Champions, maybe Calgary should trade Burris, I noticed he didn’t get it done today against a team with a worse record.
What amazes me about the short siteness of your argument is simple, only one quarterback playing for one team will win the cup this yr. So with that said, should the other seven starting QB’s get the axe?
Hardly, Glenn played assume this yr. As did a number of other QB’s. If your not a fan of his thats fine, but the bottom line is this, he is the best QB Hamilton has seen in a decade, so why would we want to trade him just because you don’t like him.


It's not a matter of not liking him.His stats mask the fact that almost all of his interceptions that were at inopportune times that didn't have to be INT's and in the end cost us the wins.And how many come from behind victories did he lead us to in the last 21 or so starts? 1.How deadly is he in the red zone when it's a big game?As deadly as a kitten vs a rabbies infested tiger who hasn't been fed for a year.Bottom line, he compiles nice stats but can't lead us to the promised land and that's all that matters.Durant had pretty terrible numbers but where's he off to?Grey cup 2010 for the second straight year.

So you want our Canadian Recievers to be Watson and Parker behind Stala? :expressionless: Better hope Stala doesn't go down.

im pretty sure every one new i was talkin bout maas, and i guess i used a bad adjective there, i ment he was suppose to be great, why would i ever complain bout us gettin danny mac?

Plenty of Glenn's INTs came off tipped balls. Two in the Saskatchewan game in Regina and, of course, the game-sealer against the Ar-blows in the EDSF. Those are the three that standout, and I know there were more, but without going back to watch the games, I can't say for certain if there are any more, but I think it is safe to say that there are.

As far as Ray vs. Glenn goes, how many come-from-behind wins has Ray orchestrated for the Eskies the past two seasons? Yes, Ray has been a great QB, but right now I'd rather have Glenn. Glenn just came off perhaps his best season to date, whereas Ray was battling with Zabransky for the job at the end of the season.

As for the notion that Glenn hasn't "won the big one," I'll repeat what I've been saying for a long time. The same accusation was thrown at Peyton Manning, Steve Young and John Elway. You only "can't win the big one" until you win the big one. I have all the confidence in the world that Glenn can, and will, lead the Tiger-Cats to a championship. And lets not forget, he only "didn't win the big one" with Winnipeg because he broke his arm. Had he been in that game, it's better than 50-50 that the Bombers win that game. Not to take anything away from Saskatchewan, and this is only my opinion, but they took advantage of a guy (Dinwiddie) playing in his first game, and they still only won by four. I think Glenn would have been good for a TD, plus he probably doesn't throw all those INTs.

Well, unless you never do.

And the list of QBs who never do is a lot longer than the list of the ones who have.

Incidentally, as Glenn prepares to begin the second decade of his pro football career, here's the list of all-time CFL passing leaders who have never led their team to a Grey Cup victory.

  1. Dieter Brock - 34,830 yards
  2. Kevin Glenn - 28,483
  3. Danny Barrett - 23,419
  4. Joe Paopao - 22,474
  5. John Hufnagel - 21,594
  6. Khari Jones - 21,383
  7. Peter Liske - 21,267

Every other QB in the Top 30 earned a ring as a starter.

I sure hope you're right, Blogskee. That's one record Kevin doesn't want to take away from Dieter (in ~2012).

Bla Bla Bla, 15 champs you are really too much. Glenn was as good as anyone in the red zone this year. remember 33 touchdowns an eastern nominie for outstanding player. Give it up already, Half or more of those interceptions can be pinned on recievers not concentrating.
Saying Glenn has never won the big game is rediculious. How about 2007 when he marched the Winnepeg Blue Bombers down our own Hamilton field to win the Eastern finals. What, that doesn't count cause we broke his arm in the last minute of the game which in the end cost Winnipeg the Grey Cup.
Please, like I said earlier, only one QB a yr. is gonna win the cup. Glen's is in the future, hopefully next yr.


No one ever said Glenn has "never" won the big game. He's already QB'ed his teams to two post-season victories in only his first 10 years in the league including 7 as a starter (thereby equaling Ricky Ray's totals after one season).

However, if you're going to invoke health problems to play "what if", I suppose that total might well have been cut in half had Calvillo's wife not taken ill in 2007.

Believe me, it doesn't feel good to knock our players, but all I'm doing is stating facts, and sometimes the facts aren't that flattering.

(Also note: Hamilton did not participate in the 2007 playoffs. I'm afraid to say you're confusing the Ticats with ... ahem ... the Argos.)

All I know is that Shivers couldn't contain Copeland when it mattered, and DeAngelis couldn't make a field goal when it mattered. Those two spots are where I would start.

I think Tisdale's inability to stop Arcenaux two years in a row in a meaningful game also should not be forgotten.