Fantasy Football?

i need a response on whether i should do a fantasy football pool

Hey buddy, it would be just plain great to play fantasy CFL football, but the feasability of it depends on how detailed game stats will be. If it stays as lame as it was on the previous site, fantasy won’t be possible, or you’ll get headaches trying to do it.

If you do it, I’m in!

(I love it when we pick defensive players instead of a whole defensive unit. Is that the way you’d do it?)

yes…all individual defensive players.

So… err… how many of us are playing so far?.. Two?..

i’m sure if i start it people will come, but it would be nice to have soe reassurance, and i’m going to doa test in the preseason…i need some testers.

what kind of testers? I would be interesed in playing fantasy CFL.

i would love it… but i would need some kind of rules and stuff like that… i haven’t played a CFL fantasy football game before

Hey (sorry for hijacking this thread. . .)

I need one more for a pool i am doing at

Rules at:

PM me here or sign up there if interested.