Fantasy Football

Is there anywhere that has fantasy football for the CFL? like where I can make a league, something similar to ESPN for the NFL?

You should contact CFLUSA2.

He is all about CFL fantasy.

I am sure the both of you could make a league.

Drewschebag. Nice user name!

TSN usually has one:
I believe you can start one there. Even though ESPN is the parent it is not the same setup, but still good. has CFL, and leagues.

They are not as developed as some of the NFL options draft wise and carrying a couple of players to next year (protecting) and things like that...but they are still pretty good. was kind of the big player in it all and was set to disappear for the 2016 season. My understanding, and I do not know if this is actually true for sure, is that they were helped out to go for one more year while others established.