Fantasy Football


anyone here play CFL Fantasy football? I used to play NFL fantasy football, are they similar?

how does it work with fewer teams?

I am going laying. I cannot comment on the similarity to the NFL Fantasy football as I am not familiar on how this one works. With the CFL one, you are giving $1,000,000 to buy a QB, RB, receiver, flex player, kicker and defense/special team. This is done each week and you are granted points each week based on performance.

Hope this helps

Thanks for the replay

I like the idea of having a set amount of money to spend.

It follows the same model as the daily fantasy leagues in the NFL. Its a great idea.
The problem(s) with the CFL game is that the salaries are supposed to make it change based on matchup and how a guy is playing to make it difficult to stack your team with the best players.
Unfortunately they haven't updated the salaries much and the best players aren't worth the most money so picking a team isn't very difficult and it just comes down to luck.
Ive stopped playing with the NFL game being back so hopefully they make it better next year.