Fantasy Football

I am starting a small Fantasy League this season. It will be a head to head league. If interested PM me and I will share details. Limited League Thanks :smiley:

I'm interested

what is fantasy football?

Fantasy football: a fantasy sports game in which participants (called owners) are arranged in a competive league, earning "fantasy points" by using the statistics of real football players. However, not sure if CFLJacques has it set up in this manner.

its when Torontonians dream of having an NFL team

Yes this is the style I have used. It would be a 6 team league. All owners would be drafting players, putting in starting lineups for the week, and would be a head to head game format. Playoffs and a league champion at the conclusion of the CFL regular season. I have ran a NFL fantasy football league for going on our 20th season with 5 original owners still involved. If interested I will send league rules to you to decide if you are interested in participating in it or not. Makes watching the League even more interesting.
Jacques :smiley:

sounds like fun and lord knows I should own a CFL team so let me in.

one last spot open which will not be open long as there are several others interested. thanks Jacques :smiley:

League is full thanks for your interest.

I had one owner back out so I have one spot left open in the league. If interested in joining the league please send me a PM and I will let you know the rules and answer any questions. Owners have to be over the age of 18 though please.
Jacques :smiley:

hay - maybe I should go for two teams like someone we know . . .

Its always been my fantasy to play football for all eternity :rockin:

its my only joy in life. what a time to fumble. I'm going to shoot myself.

One spot left. :smiley: