Fantasy CFL League

Why should NFL fans have all the fun?

Who's open to joining a Fantasy CFL league? We would have an over-the-Internet Draft and I would be happy to add up all points. All you have to do is watch your players and cheer them on.

Team Needs:
1 QB
2 RB
2 WR
1 SB
1 K
6 BENCH (Your Choice)

It would be standard fantasy football scoring.

If you are interested, please reply!

How to join: Use the messenger app Kik to message me @WillieTheWave and I will add you to the Draft room!

We currently have 3 teams, but we still need 1-5 more!

I'm in. It appears the very cool Fantas-eh site may be gone. :x

Awesome! Just message me at the Kik name mentioned in the post and I'll add you to the league message room.