Fantastic Vanier Cup game happening on TSN

:rockin: Wow!!! what a 1st half - a repeat of last year between these same two teams, Laval and MacMaster.

Catch the 2nd half as this is impressive stuff again this year and a huge crowd. Fanatastic for the CIS and the visiting Grey Cup fans. :thup: 8) :smiley:

What game are you watching?
The one i'm watching has been filled with overthrown footballs and terrible clock management.

Yeah, that's right drummer_god ... that's what everyone in the stadium and at home is thinking :roll: ... never mind the storming comeback from Mac ... followed by the huge offensive play that almost got Laval the lead back ...

For crying out loud ... the first quarter was played on pure adrenaline by a bunch of STUDENT ATHLETES ... this ain't Pittsburgh versus Dallas ... these aren't million dollar pro's ... lighten up and enjoy the DRAMA for cryin' out loud !

Heaven forbid, i call a boring game a boring game.
Cant say anything negative about the vanier, even if it is the truth.

I'm going to bed.

Ive seen lots of blunders in the CFA as well, its college kids, it happens, the crowd is happy in the stadium, and I have to agree its a fun game to watch, its not pro, but its cool to watch Canadian kids play our sport.

Not boring at all for Laval, that's for sure but Mac had no answer for the "boring" Laval attack and I'm sure Laval is fine with anyone saying it was a boring game, that's for sure. Congrats to Laval, clearly and best team no question tonight. Congrats to Mac for a super season, they were up again'st a better opponent today in all facets of the game.

I have been told that Laval and for that matter all of the Quebec teams have a different set of rules with regard to recruitment. I don't know and wonder if there is anybody who can confirm whether or not there is a level playing field when it comes to recruitment in Canadian Universities.

I will say it again. They should keep the Vanier tied to the GC festival. The largest attendance in Vanier cup history, overhead cam (by-product) of the Grey Cup and the entire CFL there to watch.

Quebec has an entirely different education system, you can't go from high school to University. They have the CEGEP system, when you leave high school you have to go to a CEGEP (college). If you complete 2 years at CEGEP you have the equivalent of the first year at University and then you can go on to University.
For football, they would play in a CEGEP league first for two years and then go on to play 3 years CIS. So their first year in University a Quebecer would be an average of a year older and equivalent to 2nd year in the rest of Canada. Degrees in Quebec are 3 years not 4 years like the rest of Canada.

Confusing? yes. Is it a different set of rules for recruitment? yes. The fact is that they have the CEGEP football league where their players can play for two years before University and there is no equivalent in the rest of Canada.

They have one less year of high school, very little in terms of HS football programs and they don’t have the widespread Junior league that western CIS teams use as a farm system. All evens out.


One year less high school, compared to what province? I know some provinces have grade 13 and some have 12. In Alberta for instance we only go to grade 12. What grade does Quebec go to?

CEGEP is their stepping stone to the CIS. The Quebec CIS football teams recruit from the CEGEP system, not from the high schools like in the rest of Canada. That's why high school football in Quebec is not popular but CEGEP is.

Great first half, but sadly the second half told the story of that game.

Fantastic turn out for the game - - both lower bowls were filled. I thought wow, wouldn't it be great if the Argos could draw this many people to their games...but then I heard the well-meaning Mac student behind me earnestly ask "what does the QB do?"

Welcome to the "Laval Invitational"! (Universite de Montreal was the only team to challange them all year). I'm wondering if the Laval success would really translate into support for a CFL team? It will be hard to recruit prospects from the NCAA (although there is one American on La Rouge et Or). Frankly, Eric Lindros (actually his mommy & daddy) who had as much to do with the death of Les Nordiques as an old arena.