Fantastic TSN piece on Delvin Breaux

Just so this does not get lost in the 'Wow TSN' thread which I posted this link in - I think this fantastic piece by Brian Williams that TSN showed yesterday during CFL coverage is worth a watch and worth its own thread.

[url=] ... 2/clip/542[/url]

What an incredible story. Thanks for the link.

An Argo-Cat fan

Fantastic story. Guy showed a lot of guts to come back and play. I think I will look at him differently next time he's on the field. Glad to have him with us, he must be an inspiration to the rest of the team. Thanks for the link.

Thanks for sharing that link! Much appreciated.
I was at the game Monday and haven't watched the game tape yet and I surely would have missed the story anyway.

What an amazing story !!!

Great Story on Delvan, I can't relate directly to his injury but I can to his experience having gone through massive trauma myself and five near death experiences since age 19 and after a head on collision in 2004, 23 surgeries to rebuild my body, I just started walking eight months ago after spending almost ten years in a wheelchair and told that I wouldn't walk again because of nerve damage in my lower legs. My big opportunity came on July 13th when my brother asked me to attend a Tiger-Cat game in Guelph and I did, it was great, my first CFL game in over ten years and without a wheelchair. So many things to be Thankful for and many things we often take for granted but when you lose your health and have to fight your way back like Delvan has that's the true test.

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Reminds me of Andre Durie's story. He had a catastrophic knee injury while at York U. Doctors said he'd likely never walk normally again because of the severe nerve damage. The doctors were wrong although it took him a couple of years to rehab. :slight_smile:

An Argo-Cat fan