Fantastic start!

They haven't even played 3 minutes and its already 16-0 Edmonton! Did they even show up for this game?

I already miss Boulay at safety. Proulx looked absolutely awful on Tucker's TD.

Certain things I don't understand.

  1. No pass rush at all. If I see Kashama doing his Serge Savard spinnerama imitation one more time I'll scream.

  2. Kai Ellis and MLB don't mix. He's a defensive end and can't cover the pass. Against BC he was pulled on every 2nd down. The Esks are passing over the middle on 1st down, and he can't get into coverage.

  3. Why do I keep seeing a three man rush, with no pressure, along with either Stewart mor Bowman dropping back. I'm sure Edmonton has figured it out. If they are going to rush only 3 guys,put someone in who can cover the pass.

  4. When we have an import (Hendrix) sitting on the bench, why isn't he in the game full time instead of Proulx.

  5. Oue defence doesn't look so good when we aren't playing against third string QB's. Reminds me of last years 7-0 start-- where the competition was non existent and everybody got so excited.

  6. Why is Mr Ego still coaching. For that matter, why is he still here at all.

Excellent points Sicard. I do not understand why Popp is still a coach... Danny Mac took us to school! Think about it...