Fantastic Ottawa/Hamilton Final

What an incredible way for a team to win the Eastern Final. Wow!

With only about a minute and a half left in a tie ball game Ottawa was in a deep hole. Though the game was tied they took a 15 yard penalty pushing them back to their own 17. With 2nd and 25 Burris took a snap that almost goes over his head. That would have been game over even if Ottawa recovered. It Ottawa could not convert they would have to kick into a strong wind and with the way Hamilton's PK Medlock has been kicking I think most fans were expecting another last play winning FG by Medlock.

Converting 2nd and 10 is tough enough. Converting 2nd and 25 against a tenacious Ti-Cat defence is entirely another story.

BUT that is exactly how it went down!

The Ottawa fans and Redblacks were not to be denied. Seasoned veteran Burris took a terrible snap, bobbled it but threw a trademark Burris pass that was caught. That would have kept things alive for the Redblacks. Few expected the receiver to shake off two attempted tackles and run the ball in for a game winning TD! And no flags! The Redblacks almost played flawless football as did Hamilton.

It's great to see Ottawa in the Grey Cup this year.

Hamilton's QB Masoli needs to receive honourable mention for a guy who played in only his 4th start. He made some fantastic plays. In fact the entire Hamilton team needs to hold its head up high. Neither team ran away with it. Neither team played undisciplined football. Both teams made sensational plays. Either team was worthy to advance to the Grey Cup.

Burris was almost intercepted before making the game breaker pass at the end of the game. The interception was so close I'm sure the guy who had it in his mitts will lose a couple of nights sleep as he replays the play over and over in his mind. But that is the way it goes sometimes. No shame in dropping the ball, only some frustration.

Ottawa dug deep into the hat and lo and behold the team managed to find a rabbit that could not only jump high into the air and catch a football but could run like a jack rabbit!

Congratulations to both teams for playing such a clean well played and entertaining game! This was indeed one of the best CFL games I have watched!


Because of the implications, could be the game of the year so far.

Yup sensational game! Poor Gascon-Nadon and Ed Gainey though. They'll have nightmares for sure after that INT drop and then giving up a long bomb on a 2nd and 25 play against the wind. I've watched the replay of the Ellingson touchdown a few times now and I keep finding myself saying 'What was he doing?' speaking of Gainey's coverage (or lack thereof) on Ellingson.

But even in spite of those comments I give credit to Ottawa for making the plays they needed to make to win. But I was hugely impressed with the game plan the Cats put together offensively and with how well Masoli was able to execute that game plan. Proud of the effort my injury depleted Cats put in. I really did not think we stood a chance this game - so pleased with how well they did.

A sell out jacked crowd. Sellouts and excitement are not reported by the media. Just dwindling crowds in Tor and Van.

Why is the Canadian media like that ?

The officiating was good too!

With the exception of the blown challenge on the obvious catch.

Other than that , yes officiating was good. As I expect from Ray Bradbury.

I wouldn't call that an "obvious catch". I'd say it was close enough to go either way, and the replay wasn't enough to overturn either way.

Had the catch been ruled a catch... the ruling on the field would have stood.... CC got it right

Exactly, that play was determined by the call on the field, just was way to inconclusive I still have no idea if he caught it or not.

Arnaud Gascon-Nadon. Drafted out of Laval, lots of potential as Canadian linebacker, cement hands.

And now gets Taylor Reed off the hook as the player whose name I'm going to curse until the end of time...

I mentioned something similar following the first Hamilton visit to Ottawa. I get tired of complaints about injuries because if you think of yourself as a good team, you should be a deep team. But sometimes a guy is just nearly impossible to replace (Collaros, in this case). The best you can do then is design the game plan to his skill set. Hamilton's staff did a great job of that and Masoli completed some pretty difficult throws at times. Those involve deserve credit.

We were confused by the play on which Banks avoided fielding a return but accidentally touched the ball. An Ottawa player seemed to touch it again before it went out of bounds.

What happened there? Was an Ottawa player within five yards when Banks made contact if the ball?

I believe that they ruled it no yards on the play. After TSN showed the replay the ball may have been out of bounds before anyone touched it anyways.

Thanks. Because there were so many players right on the sideline, I couldn't see a damn thing from where I was, and the replay wasn't wide enough to determine whether no yards was applicable.

Exctremely obvious catch. Video was conclusive, command centre is just blind as a bat. Just more proof the CFL can't handle video review and should abolish the whole thing until they can do it right. But that blown call is on the CC. Bradbury and his crew called a great game. He should be doing the Grey Cup next week.

The only blemish on an otherwise great game. Both Ottawa and Hamilton played well on both sides of the ball. Great offense, great defence, great runs, amazing catchesand Ellingson and Burris take it to their form team.

Hope the Grey Cup is as good as this one was.

"...Exctremely obvious catch...."? Really? And you slammed my grammar? Yikes.

So, let me get this straight. You're convinced that you, Joe Fan, at home in your La-Z-Boy, with a umbrella garnished cocktail in one hand remote in the other, are more qualified and more able to determine the reality of a close play than a hundred years of officiating experience both on and off the field? Yougottabekidding. Ego run amok.

And Ray Bradbury was the late, great sci-fi writer and author of "Fahrenheit 451". Al Bradbury is the CFL official from Winnipeg.

Yea, it was an amazing catch!! I love the Gainey dive and the feeble tackle attempt by Stephen

Not that it matters now but it was #20 Emmanuel Davis on that feeble tackle attempt not Stephen and I still don't no what the Hell Gainey was trying to do on that play ? :? :cry:

You gotta be kidding. There is not 100 years of officiating experience in the CC. The CC should be working at a 95+% rate yet they work at no better than 75% if they are that successful. I am not the only one who calls them out for bad calls. And if you think 95+ is too high they why do we have video review. They have multiple angles, slo mo, full speed, they can stop frame and can view the play over and over and over and over… no one should be wrong more than 5 times out of 100. They are and they were on that call. My ego has nothing to do with it and would appear you know that because rather than attack what I say the video shows you try to attack my ego? People who change the subject do so because they know they have lost their argument.

And please quote the post in which I call Mr Bradbury Ray and not Al?

I’m waiting?

That was brihind88 who was actually, as I also, complimenting the officiating in that game. We both agree that was a blown call but the problem was with the CC and NOT the crew on the field. I have said several times Bradburys crew did a great job in that game and should be given the Grey Cup game.

Pay attention.