Fantastic game!

Guys, it's official! THE LIONS ARE IN 1ST PLACE! Not tied for first place. IN FIRST PLACE......well at least until 1PM [pst time] when Calgary meets Saskatchewan. Should Calgary win then the Lions go to second spot.

The new digs look good with some great state of the art technology providing incredible visuals. Seats are cushioned and comfortable except for the very short arm rests. They might as well not have arm rests. Yep, there are cup holders, but not where I thought they'd be. They're not on the arm rests like you see at Silver City Imax theatres. They're attached to the row in front of you near the bottom of the seat's back. At least there will be less spillage of drinks.

The "jumbo tron" HD screen suspended above in center field is massive. Simple massive! In fact at times it became a distraction because you ended up watching the play on the screen rather than down on the field. But the HD is really brilliant and exceptionally clear. It is far superior to old replay screen. They opened the roof just before the game and it took all of 10 minutes to completely open. Actually it looks quite nice opened. From what I can tell they'll be able to open the roof or close it at a moment's notice.... unless closing it is more complicated. It was actually cool in the stadium with the roof in the opened up position. Pleasantly cool.

Exiting the stadium was a breeze compared to the way it used to be. No pun intended. If you ever left B.C. Place before you'll understand what I mean.

Aesthetically, the stadium looks great. Are all the bells and whistles and the new retractable roof worth $560 million? Quite frankly I enjoyed the game in the old B.C. Place equally. I was certainly impressed, I'll admit but the bells and whisltes are novel and I'm not sure they add enough to the enjoyment of what is going on down on the field to justify over one-half billion dollars. The place is definitely more appealing, cleaner and a whole lot more fun to be in. What I'm not impressed with is how much high tech stuff there is to inundate you with advertising. It is similar to what you see at Rogers Arena. Advertising is necessary but saturation is not. It would be nice to see a happy balance but I don't think we will.

Good post.

For all the ranting I have done about the face-lift BC Place has undergone, the screen itself is almost worth the price tag. I'm not sure what the 'little end ones' looked like, but from our seats it was crystal clear and really put you into the replay.

That and not sitting in those tiny 'olympic' seats was a refreshing change too. I liked my seat neighbours at Empire but was starting to feel like a siamese twin.

Oh yeah and one time only here.... Go Riders.

you said it all hound - fantastic entertainment.

What section were you in?.. You must have been sitting in one of the Richie Rich sections.. haha. Where i was, in the cheap nose bleed end zone section, there seats weren't padded and the cup holders were at the end of the arm rest.

No kidding Chronic Guy. :frowning:
Other than the color differences in seats I thought all of the seats were identical. I guess they're not. I'm surprised. We're around the 40 yard line. The Rich and Famous sit between the 50s.

To be quite honest, though the seats themselves and the seat backs are padded and comfy I can't see these seats lasting very long. I can see them getting torn, dirty and stained over time. I am, "AGREEING" with Beagle, about some aspects of the New Stadium.
Beagle.......what Section and Row were you sitting in?
The Lions side or the Visitors side?
Just my impression from our "Club Seats" was very similar to yours.
I have to say........that I was pleasantly "SURPRISED" by the New Look Stadium........I was actually Shocked to see....that they did such a Great Job on the place.......and I do not Shock at all!
My question is.......was it Smart Money spent, and a Wise Investment into an Older Building and into a CFL playing surface?
The price tag......seems Surreal!
Our seats and the view.......was Unreal!
I Loved Empire Stadium and still believe, that is where we should be playing all of our games out of.
With far far far less money spent on Empire, Locker Rooms....Broadcast Booths would have been perfect, for what the CFL requirements are.
BC Place....... Requires having a "BIG SHOW" "Big Ticket" Team.....playing out of a facility, like that!
It would be like, having the Vancouver Giants being the Only tenant, playing out of Rogers Place.
Having a WHL team playing out of a NHL Rink is like having a CFL team playing in an NFL Stadium.
Really nice touch for the Fans......but........ definitely Over Kill!

BC Place is so much better, than I ever, thought that it could be.
Beagle was right about the Big Screen.
I could not stop.......watching the game on the Big Screen......Play after eyes were Glued to the Screen!
The Picture is incredibly SHARP and Bright and Colorful and CRISP..........and even thou, I really tried hard not to watch the Screen........I just couldn't help myself........I was Hooked on the Screen!
I Forced myself, to pull my eyes off of the screen, for obvious Passing Plays....but....I was glued to it......for anything on the Ground.
Whether that be a good thing or a bad thing?.....the GIGANTIC TV Screen, is absolutely a GREAT Touch to the game, and to the League!!!!
The Roof being opened? was kind of an interesting feat of engineering, to say the least......and with the lights attached to the appeared as if you were looking at the the Stars in the Heavens......all night long.......once again.......another Nice Touch......but was a lot COOLER with the Roof opened up, and a little Breeze could definitely be felt through out the Dome.
The view from our seats.......was no further away, from the playing field......than we were, at Empire. memories of our seats at the Old BC Place.......was nothing like, what our New seats are........I was very surprised at how close we are, to the Field.
Ou Biggest Bitch and Complaint would be....about the Poor Quality of the Food, inside the Stadium itself.
We were under the impression that White Spot would be handling the Burgers and Pizza Hut or an equivalent would be doing the Pizzas, and some Sushi Bars would be scattered around and some proper Hot Dog vendors....with Bratwurst sauges they do on our Street corners.
The Food services at BC Place are BUSH LEAGUE , for a First Class building!
It is like.........they have not figured out provide "HOT" "FRESHLY" Prepared Mass produced Burgers, Fries, Hot Dogs, and COLD Drinks, etc........after doing this for a while!
The FOOD is WORSE than the CRAP at the PNE was!
Seriously......Like WTF????
We have a First Class Facility, serving "COLD" Burgers with Dried out "Day Old" Buns......served with even COLDER Fries!
Seriously.........with out a lie..........the FOOD at BC Place is "CRAP" and Extremely "OVERLY PRICED" Priced CRAP!!!!!
WHY?........would they not bend over backwards, to make absolutely sure........that their FOOD service, it's Quality, it's Preparation, it's Delivery, and it's Presentation of their Food, was not "FIRST CLASS" as well!
Aside from the Food end of things...........the people who made the Stadium come together , as quickly as it did.......should be Congratulated and Thanked......for doing such an Outstanding job on the Stadium!
The people who are in charge of Food Services at BC Place.......should be "FIRED" immediately!
The sooner that they get a White Spot in there to handle ALL of their Burgers, Fries etc. and a Pizza Hut or a Domino's Pizza ......the sooner .......that all the Fans, will get some Bang for their Buck....when it comes to the Food at BC Place.
The Stadium is GREAT!
The Food Quality, and the Service that goes with that FOOD, is a Total Joke!

Backer, why are you even buying food at the stadium? You don't need to eat the crap they serve - there are plenty of restaurants within walking distance where you could have a decent meal for the price of that cold burger and fries. If the people in the stadium could cook they wouldn't be working in a stadium.

Sorry but I don't have sympathy for people complaining about the food; even at Empire we found something edible 10 minutes walk into Burnaby.

You are absolutely right.
Wish you could talk some sense, into the Boss.
She feels, that in order to get the entire experience, out of going to any game, whether that be to see the Lions, Canucks, Nat Bailey Ball games, Seahawks, Mariners, Giants or to any of the Minor Hockey games that we go to or the Little League Baseball games that we attend, that the Fans.....should eat and snack at their game, of choice., and I happen to agree, with her
Funny thing is.......We have no such similar disgusting experiences, at any other sports venues, that we consistently get, at all of the Lions games.......with their COLD PLAIN Burgers, COLD Dogs, Day Old Buns, and Over Priced CRAP.
All the other mentioned venues, seem to have no problems at all, in providing some quality snacks and quality HOT food
at their games......yet......the Lions serve nothing but the Lions games, whether it be at Empire ( Which was supplied by the PNE) or now at our Newly renovated BC Place.
We attended some Little League games this past summer, at the Whalley Ball Park and out in North Van......and the Burgers were Unreal......especially the Chicken Breast Burgers, at the Whalley Ball Park!
You are welcome for the Promotion of your Park, and your Burgers Whalley! LOL
So........if.......a Little League "Volunteer" Kitchen crew ( Staffed with only, some Hard working Moms and Dads) are able to make something as simple as Great tasting FRESH Burgers and Hot Dogs....then what the hell, is the matter... with the "Paid" Staff making some OVERLY Priced CRAP, at the Lions Games?
Eating somewhere else, is not always an Option for some of us, who have to Rush out, from either the office, or from Hockey Rink to Hockey Rink, in order to be able to make the games on time, as it is!
Yes........if we had the time, eating some where else, is always the way to go ( Especially when it comes to eating at the Lions games) .....but unfortunately......that is not always possible.
But, then again,......."WHY"?.....should we be Forced to eat some where else, due to the Lions not being able to supply the paying Fans....with some decent Quality "FRESH" be eaten and enjoyed in our own Season Ticket Seats?
The Canucks, don't Force us to eat else where?
The Giants, do not require us, to eat else where, prior to coming to one of their games, and neither does Whalley Ball Park!
Yoeleven.......Thanks "Tips"..... for your obvious advice,.......and we are very aware, of the other options awaiting us, and we do intend to do just that!.
But our point is......"WHY" should we have to?
The Lions are the "ONLY" Professional ( Said.... Rolling our eyes) or Amateur sports group out there, to consistently turn a Blind eye, to the Shitty Food, that is being served at their Games.
Being that this is a Forum, to be used for discussing "all" aspects of the Game, and all of our experiences at the games......we just wanted to voice our "Beef"........with the total lack of any Good Quality "HOT" Beef, at any of the Lions games!
The Stadium is Great.......the Food and the Service of that Food, is absolute "CRAP"!
Pretty Sad, when a Little League Baseball Park, can do a better job with their Food service, than a Professional Sports Team, can!
When a Season Ticket holder, who is already paying "TOP DOLLAR" for their four seats,....A person would just, naturally assume,.......that those same Fans......Should be able to expect, to get a decent bite to eat, when ever attending one of our many games.
The Lions do a very very poor job, when it comes to their Food service.

Great win Leos.

New stadium looks sweet.

I hope to see BC play under the jumbo screens on Nov 27!!

Ok, that's fair. If it is to be part of the experience then you should be expecting something resembling cooked food.

Although make sure you don't blame the Lions for it, they have no control over what Pavco decides to do to the customers. I wonder if the team did have a say how much better the food and beverage service would be.

The problem with concessions is that the Lions don't own them and they can't do anything about it. It's not like Rogers arena where the canucks own the whole stadium and they get all the revenue. The way I look at it is that if the PNE and BC Place don't want to improve their service, I simple won't let them earn my money. I just go there to enjoy the football game and I'm happy. I had fun on Friday and will continue to go to games.

Once again, both yourself and Yoeleven are absolutely correct, in the fact....that the Lions do not own the concessions.
But.....I would think, that they would have some serious say and input, into the concession situation, which seems to be... an on going issue and problem, no matter what facility, the Lions might be playing out of.
Unfortunately, it is the paying Fan who attends the games, whether that be, on a Game by Game basis or on a Season Ticket stub...who will be the ones who will decide, if we wish to continue.... supporting their product.
This is supposed to be a Professional Sports venue, which I would think....would be conducted as such?
Having an unacceptable "SUB PAR" Product, and a questionable presentation of that product, on any level of that business.....which affects the over all experience for your customers or for your Fans ( In this case), will dictate whether or not those paying Fans will return to support your business or team.
The "New" BC Place Stadium itself, will help draw in the occasional "Walk Up" fan, "for now".....just based on the fact, that the Stadium has some curb side appeal.
Just as much so, the Concessions will be responsible, for turning those same paying New customers "away".
I happen to agree with the Boss, when she says.....That when it comes to the Lions, we are going out for an evening of Entertainment....and to actually Enjoy the "Entire Process" and the Experience of the entire Game.
That experience for us, ( And everyones experience, will be different from one another) encompasses having our same seats for each and every game ( Which we pay Dearly for!) , our parking ( Another Overly Inflated Cost) , having a clear unobstructed view of the Game, having well mannered fans ( NO DRUNKS) situated around our section, and being able to sit in our own seats ( Prior to the Game) and enjoy a FRESH "HOT" Burger, an actual "HOT" Hot Dog, made with and placed on a "FRESH" SOFT Bun........etc!
Like come on, is that really asking, for to much? lol
It is just not the game, on the field.... that we come for.
Win or Lose........we just enjoy the game itself, the ambience, the sights, the sounds, the people watching, the Stadiums......whether that be at Empire or BC Place......we buy our Season take it all in.......including the type and quality of Food, that should be served, and should be "Expected" to be served, at a supposed "Major League" venue in a "Major League" Stadium!
LIke seriously.......WTF?
If Walley Ball park, can do a Kick Ass job with their Burgers, Hot Dogs and Fries......then what hell , is the matter with BC Place?
We agree with your suggestion, about Boycotting the BC Place concessions.....and we do indeed, plan on doing exactly that, from now on. doing that ( even thou, we are Justified in doing so) the only ones who are affected directly by doing that, "US"!
Once a "Paying Fan" stops enjoying going to the games, for one reason or another......that is when that Fan....."Stops" going all together.
The appeal and draw and lure and novelty of the New Stadium, is going to fade, pretty quickly.
The Lions Winning Streak, will come to a grinding Halt, as of next Saturday, when they run into the Charged Up Stamps.
Once the NEW Stadium thing.....settles down......once the Lions come back down to earth......that is when.....the Fans need to feel as if, they are receiving as much Bang for their Buck as they can.... by experiencing a Major League production, at each and every game that they attend.
Winning, makes the other things, seem less important, in the over all picture of things.
We all Love to see our home town team WIN!
But.....we go to the games.....WIN or Lose, just as long, as we are enjoying the entire experience.
The concessions at BC Place, and their crappy food, is starting to make us.... re Think...... where we will be spending our Dollars and our Time at next year , once this season is over.
We have a Major League Stadium with a Minor League would think........that Major League Food would be Help disguise just how Bush League.....the CFL and BC Place....really is!
Why bother to do it at all?......UNLESS......they are going to do the entire thing...."RIGHT"!

Congrats to Pavco for a getting this first class facility built on time, something that will be the jewel of the Vancouver waterfront for 40-50 years. Some journalists/buzz killers, like Vaughn Palmer, are complaining publicly about the final cost, but think what a brand new stadium on that site would have cost and how much longer it would have taken to build it. And how much revenue the Pavco and the BC Lions wouldn't have brought in during a prolonged stay in Old empire, where their record frankly wasn't very good.

Despite a slow start by both teams the game became more entertaining as it went along. Lets hope the 52,000+ who attended last Saturday's day show up next week and every week. Having a full house like that really causes issues for opposition offenses. Kudos to Lulay and A J Harris for outstanding game, and to Ryan Philips and the defence for another strong outing. And well done to BC's special teams, especially the kick cover teams, who were much better than the last couple of weeks.

It looks to me that Travis Lulay is getting better and better at his pre-snap reads and is using his feet better to escape from the pocket and make plays. We now he is spending many extra hours studying film and other preparation during the week, the key to success at the QB position. Compare that to the end of last season, when he would mostly stay in the pocket and take the sack if he couldn't get the ball away. Other than his ill-advised throw that was picked off early in the game he played great. Just think where he can be in a year or two. if he stays healthy and progresses at the same rate as he has this year.

If I were Jamal Robertson I'd probably be thinking about my next career move, because Andrew Harris has basically taken his job away from him. Tough luck Jamal, but with his 35th birthdays just few months away it was going to happen sooner or later.

While not as dominating as the previous few weeks, BC's defence stiffened when they needed to in the red zone, and kept Ricky Ray off his rhythm for much of the game. I was surprised that Edmonton went away from the run game with Jerome Messam and Kerrie Joseph that was so successful in the first half. I guess even offensive coordinators can get a brain cramp every now and then.

Can't wait until this weekends tilt against the first place Stampeders, who looked much better last Saturday against the hapless Riders who are all but out of playoff contention. But then again, hasn't every team—except the Argos— looked good against Saskatchewan this year? BC's keys on defence will be limiting the production of Calgary RB John Cornish, and finding ways to rattle Henry Burris early and often and make him make mistakes. We'll see whether good Henry, or bad Henry, shows up.

Dooger in Surrey :cowboy:

Very good write up Dooger. I think you really covered a lot bases on that post. I too was surprised Edmonton gave up the run game and that is where I'm concerned when Calgary rolls into town. Joseph was able to get the run game going against the Lions D and the Lions didn't seem to have an answer.

Kudos for sure to Harris. What a great addition. Interesting that Bruce was so quiet but as soon as that happened another offensive weapon [Harris] rises to the top.

I'm delighted with what I'm seeing in Travis Lulay. This QB is really maturing into an awesome QB. Every aspect of his game is improving with each game.

I must go back and read Gridiron's pre-game assessment of Calgary. He nailed down how to beat Calgary very well.

I’m impressed also with the on going production from Lulay on the (games) Prep work. This is what Edmonton needs in a future QB; perhaps Nichols could be that guy to emerge in next years training camp.