fantastic game!!

Man this is why I love the CFL! What a great game that was - I feel for you guys because neither team deserved to lose that game :cry:

Hamilton fans you have a lot to cheer for in the coming years I think. You’ve got the makings of really good football team and I think Glen has been reborn in Hamilton!

Congrats on a great season!

Thanks, I feel the same. Hopefully the CFL will be just as competitive as this yr was.

I'm assuming you're a Blue Bomber fan (Argo fans wouldn't have such gracious kudos).

Well, if you are, thanks for the kind words. Winnipeg put in a tough year, but all teams do once in a while (we put in more than our fair share). I do think Winnipeg will turn it around, and hopefully, no crossover next year.

Have a nice offseason.

Mediocre game, with a great finish.

Strange game for Ham. :oops: :frowning:

I thought there was a new CFL rule in play were we had to give their receivers five yards. :roll:

LOL i was yelling that the hole first half ...

Too much room to play ....tighten up and smack them off the line...if you cant get to printers Stop the Wr's a bit mess up the timing something .. Good Game and yes we have tons of great things to look forward too ...