Fantastic Game Last Night

This one was the best and most entertaining games of the year. I was not expecting the blowout by the Riders in the first half, but I also wasn't expecting the sloppy play by the Eskimos either. Seeing all those flags flying from the ref was not what I wanted to see. I am not sure what was said in the locker room at the half, but it worked. Three series in a row by the Eskimo offence for 17 point on the board, the defence totally dominating the Riders (the last two minutes they really stepped up), and Fleming having a stellar performance made for some exiting CFL football.

Three things to remember:

  1. Commonwealth Stadium is still the Riders ultimate nemesis...

  2. There is 60 minutes in a football game...

  3. And thank God for the Saskatchewan Rider fans that came out to support Eskimo Football.

Go Esks Go

Why are you thanking Rider fans? As I recall from the ones that were sitting around me and that I saw around the stadium, they were cheering for the Riders and jeering the Eskimos.

There are always a lot of drunk Rider fans at these games that delight in berating and running down the Eskimos for all to hear at a pretty loud volume. Not all the time, but most of the time it involves profanity. Very rarely do they give any consideration to who might be standing or sitting within earshot such as impressionable children.

 Yes, I did see some respectfull Rider fans, but even those ones were dead quiet with their chins on the ground during the second half. They were not cheering or supporting the Eskimos.

 Make no mistake my friend. They do not come out to support Eskimo football, they come out because they hope to kick us when we are down.


By buying a ticket to your stadium, they are supporting Edmonton football....and we don't all kick when you're down. Some of us realize that the better overall team on that day won that game fair and square, and have placed credit where it's due.

From what I understand, it was not Rider fans being disrespectful at that game. Apparently there's been a large number of complaints towards the Eskimo organization over drunken Eskimo fans at that game.

But I do love the one sided story you tell :slight_smile: I've been to Commonwealth and I can say by and large I was treated pretty good by Eskimo fans.

I was actually being sarcastic with the same type of fans you were talking about. I have two season seats and will bring a friend who supports the team Edmonton is playing. I think some good old fashion ribbing is part of the game, which I recieved a lot of in the first half. However, for those Rider fans who were being disrespectful and acting like they owned Commonwealth, I just wanted to remind them they may be cheering for the Green and White but their money is supporting the best organization in the CFL, the Green and Gold.

Sorry for the confusion.

Go Esks Go

Fair enough. Your'e right, there are drunken idiots on our side as well, and I've seen some inappropriate ones. Sorry if the story seemed one sided, but I repeat I did see some excellent Rider fans as well.

As far as supporting the Eskimos, I agree with James. They are renting a seat for the evening to watch and cheer for the Riders. The money they are paying is helping to support the team that keeps beats them every time they come here.


The drunken Rider fans always sit on the east side of Mosaic. The stands without the roof overhead. If you want to stay away from the drunks buy tickets on the west side with a roof on it. I had tickets there fot other games and it was a very "respectful" more mature type of fan section.

Let the drunks drink. Let the sobers think.

I always sit on the East side, and have never even once been surrounded by drunks.....or even heavy drinkers.....

…yes, but it is all relative, your level of drunkeness makes everyone around you look like nuns…

…that time you showed up at our mod meeting in Timmins in the middle January wearing the Carmen Miranda headgear, the coconut bra and grass skirt still makes me shake my head…the fact you had an allergic reaction to the grass skirt and had to sit for the whole day in a wash tub full of clamato juice was sweet justice…that was until you had room service bring up the 40 pounder of vodka, poured it into your tub and you whipped out your 2’ long Wacky Straw (just where you keep that thing is still a mystery I don’t want to know) and went to town…too much time with Third…speaking of which, did he get out of Guantanamo Bay yet?..