Fantastic finish! Lions beat SSK 35-32

What a fantastic finish this past Friday July 10! It looks like Leone, the Lions’ FG kicker is a keeper. He kicked a 55 yard FG with seconds left in the game to force over-time.

With less than 3 minutes to play, SSK scored a TD appearing to put the game out of reach. Lo and behold the Lions put a miraculous final 3 minutes together and pulled it off.

Travis Lulay passed for over 400 yards! He’s back! Granted, you could see that whenever he went down he did everything to protect that shoulder injury. One good hard hit and I’m afraid it will be game over for him. Let’s hope it doesn’t happen.

Harris was great. Off to a bit of a slow start as the Lions tried to establish their ground game. He got on track and started dominating the SSK D.

You gotta love this new kid Collie. He made some sensational catches to help seal the Lions’ victory. Arceneaux? What can I say? The guy is great.

I had to chuckle a little as I watched some of my friends through my binoculars getting up to leave with the Lions down 29-18 and only a couple of minutes left. They must have been chomping at the bit driving home as they listened to the unbelievable come back.

Looks like we may have to rename the Lions and call them " Lulay and the Cardiac Kids". Those of you who followed the Lions in the late 70s will know what I’m talking about. :smiley:

This game will go down in Lions history - too bad so many people had filed for the exits and weren't around to see it.
Down 11 points with 2 minutes remaining.....after having only scored a single touchdown the previous 58 minutes + treating the football in the 'red zone' like it was a live grenade??

Touchdown, 2 point convert, 3 and 1 stuff, 56 yard field goal (a club record), overtime TD. Yup, victory, just like they'd planned it. :lol:

:thup: :thup:

Forgot about that 3 and 1 stuff. WOW!

Jerry Tagge; 1977 - Cardiac Kids. Thanks for bringing back the memories beaglehound.

Great finish. Unfortunately, only about 10,000 fans saw it :lol:

It sure sounded like more than 10,000 - and that number included some Rider fans (who were there to cherish the final gun).

Nearly everyone was standing in overtime when the Riders had the ball.