I have an Idea. I think everyone who complains and bashes the team or Organization can stop calling themself a fan!
I am a real fan since birth. I believe changes should be made and debate all you want because that's the point of this whole thing, but be a true fan of the Ticats and Football. Don't "Bash" and Insult,instead be intelligent and Canadian.
It's embarassing to me that these people call themselves fans.


I pay for my season tickets, I want to see progress on the field. That being said I have every right to voice my concerns on this board or any other outlet. If that is bashing then I guess Im not a true fan…oh well I quess I should follow them and be mindless like some leaf fans.

Is there something special in your blood that gives you the right to question inept play, inept coaching, inept comments and inept events, but nobody else?

If you feel bashing is inexcusable, I suggest you edit your last sentence.

This team is troubled and to not say it aloud is a sure sign of a fair weather fan, not a true fan.

Anyone whose first contacts with Canadians are the rants of many posters here

will surely think that being intelligent and Canadian is an oxymoron, Flashgordo.

Please pardon my little attempt at humour. :oops: Just trying to lighten up this forum. :smiley:

A real fan has an oppinion,and expressess it,good or bad.

I never said anyone couldn't voice their opinion. I clearly stated I don't appreciate the bashing with negative personal comments such as calling a player a "bum" or going after bob young. I have voiced my opinon on these forums as well, I am not against that at all. I would like the comments and intelligent opinions to be respectful.

"Player X is a bum, he dropped three balls last week, we should cut him, also i sat beside Bob Young last week at the game, nice guy, but damn he smells bad"

Am i no longer a fan if i make a comment like this?

(For the record i've only ever met our beloved Caretaker once, and he didn't smell then, but that was a few years ago, i can make no definitive statement as for now... although he has said he's been living out of a suitcase recently...)

I wouldn't reccomend reading any newspapers either any time soon... you might consider them to be bashing the team.

Just so you know, FlashGordo if it wasn't for us paying money for tickets they wouldn't have any fans, so we have every rite to say anything we dang well please

As you see, Flashgordo, you're asking too much of these fans
to expect them to express their opinions in a respectful way.

Apparently they have all performed some sort of a rite
and they have been sworn in as members of an exclusive group
who are entitled to say whatever they dang well please.


I will tell you what is embarrassing...... sitting in a stadium watching a professional football team constantly getting their ears pinned back....there are some good level 2 college teams in the states that could beat them the way they are playing.
offensive coordinator..........Ottawa
offensive line.................Ottawa
defensive coordinator..........Ottawa


You pretty much just have to get used to it or ignore it, Flash. All the armchair quarter-backs, coaches, GMs and owners somehow feel they have a "right" to be as crass and vile as they want.

There are others who get just as frustrated and concerned yet find more polished ways to vent their emotions. It's the difference between having communication skills and not.

My theory is that these people would never consider sitting down and writing a letter, picking up the phone and calling the TiCat office, or confronting someone in person, but find the team's website the perfect avenue for childish behaviour.

Well said, Ockman!

Look on the bright side, Flashgordo.

We can use them as an example for our children
of the kind of behaviour they should avoid.

Post of the year!

Website discussion forums are great for some fun and cathartic release of frustration in a healthy way. Being crass and vile is a good thing in many cases, much better than going home and taking it out on your wife or family or something like that with a physical beating that has been known to happen in football season, documented in the States I believe from what I have heard.
Thank god for discussion forums, really!

post of the year?

sheesh, I see that in almost every topic.

Do we have a committee to state or claim that people are post of the year?
Is there awards given out at the end of the year?

what an idea. Post of the year awards night. Bring out the red carpet

Maybe when the team starts playing respectful football we will start saying respectful things towards the team.I do agree though we shouldnt bash the owner if it wasnt for him we probably wouldnt have a team to cheer for.

Can someone explain to me what "bashing" means anyway? Is it the content or the tone of the message of a combination of both?
I, as a fan, and someone who doesn't have all the information, could make the statement "Our owner got outowned by Winnipeg not signing Berry as a coach." Do I believe this? Well, not sure but one part of me thinks this. Is this "bashing"? I don't have a clue.

"bashing" is a more mean-spirited, harsh
form of criticism than simple criticism.

just as hitting someone with a bat
is far worse than slapping them.

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