I know the attendance has been great, but we have some of the most uneducated fans in the CFL. As many of you will agree the turning point in yesterdays game may have been the defense stopping Calgary from scoring before the half. I was up on my feet cheering before the snap and was heckled and told to sit down because people couldnt see. ARE YOU SERIOUS!?? The other thing that gets to me is when we have a critical play on offense and people are loud before the snap, give our guys a chance to hear the count. ABSOLUTELY BRUTAL, tigervision please help these people learn when and when not to cheer!

I enjoyed the fans in section 7, row 45 or so, who began chanting "Jamie, Jamie" as we lined up for the last second kick.....too funny

I agree about the fans seeming to be novices. It was my 1st game this year and I was very suprised at how subdued the stadium was for 26,000 and how quite box A was. How come Vaughn sets a CFL record and so little fan appreciation? Fan noise was very diappointing at the crucial times. I think we only had 1 "oski wee wee" in our section all game. Is this subded crowd due to the team drawing fans new to the game?

I agree 100%. Makes me sad to say but even the Argo fans are louder.

I remeber being at a game once and it was 3rd and goal from the 2 yard line. The crowd was NUTS!! You couldn't hear yourself think.

That was great, and oh yeah the defence did stuff them. :wink:

Although times are good now with attendence, I rememeber when there was only 15,000 fans at times in the stands and they were louder than the 27,000 we get now. As for that last play in the 1st half you are right. Everyone should have been on their feet cheering and screaming For The D.Hopefully the new fans will learn. The old days were good too.....

Hey we have a lot of rookie fans coming to games now, it will take them a little time to gell. :lol:

Point in Case: 4th quarter, Ticats need a big stop! My buddy is on his feet cheering, i was much too depressed from what i was seeing to join him. The guy behind him tells him “DOWN IN FRONT”, well, like the champ…he loses it, snaps! A few profanities are exchanged and I end up calming my buddy down.

He is right though for getting angry! You should be able to stand whenever you like and get loud! It was better, much much better when there were 15,000 a game. And much louder as well!!

All these new fans coming in, are all about the ‘family oriented’ sit down ballet type of game and i hate to say it:


HAHA, I like that, that was good. The lack of noise bothers me too, when the noise goes down, I have to scream louder. Also yelling on offense (or when our kicker is about to kick) drives me nuts. They need to concentrate.

Yell and scream all you want and feel free to MOMENTARILY stand to cheer or jeer throughout the game, but be aware that the folks behind you paid for a seat and for one reason or another may not be able to stand as often or as long as you. Try to be considerate of those around you.

I have no comment on the noise as I like to yell as loud as I can when the oppositions offense is trying to call their play or our defense needs to be hyped up.

And I will rise to momentarily to watch an exciting play or to cheer a result but I do get annoyed at people who constantly stand up in front of me. Or the morons who will stand along the walkways to watch the game and by doing so, block my view.

As someone said, have some consideration for others who are trying to watch the game too!

Agreed. Looks like us vetrans of IWS need to help them along.

I am thinking I may get and old snare drum, paint it up with our "war paint".

How about this one…

We’re on the 2 yd line, ready to kick a 7 yd Field Goal, so we PURPOSELY take a Delay of game penalty… Fans boo. LOL We’re trying to make the kick easier on the rookie. So then Hitchcock jumps and takes a procedure penalty and the fans start BOOING HIM! Funny thing watching the replay he actually told the fans to relax lol.

Notice how Calgary declined both penalties?

Hitch should have realized that too. What exactly was his point of jumping offside knowing the Stamps already declined a saimilar penalty? No need to boo, but I was sure getting impatient with the whole pointless exercise

True. Good judgement on both sides of the ball.

I am going to check the rule book, but I believe a pentaly that occurs before the snap can't be declined.

I thought so too, but BOTH offenses occured before the snap. Obviously Hitch thought the ref was going to change his interpretation of the rules within seconds?

Montreal tried the same thing last week before giving up a safety. Problem is, it hould have been a lineman coming out of his stance. Hitch got called for offside, which can be declined. I don't think an "illeal procedure" can be declined. Anyone care to help me out on this?

If there was an easy answer - i.e. a sure-fire way for the kicing team to back up on a chip shot FG attempt - someone would have figured it out by now.

That being said, if it weren't for my innate sense of sportsmanship, it would occur to me that the kicking team could take a free shot at an opponent with no risk of a 15-yard objectionable conduct penalty. But they'd have to do something that wouldn't get them disqualified or fined.

yes, it can.

From the "Scrimmage" section of the rulebook, which talks about illegal procedure penalties and such:

NOTE: Where a violation under this Rule occurs before the ball has been
snapped, the officials are empowered to stop the play and apply the
penalty. Such penalty shall apply without option; however, the yardage
may be declined.