Fans will be picking their seats at Tim Horton's Field??

Ewww. Really? There's an image I don't want to see. How about.."choosing" their seats.

At least ya won't have to worry about splinters in your arse!!!! :smiley:

I'm told every seat will come with a black magic marker so people can mark the seat number just in case that's an item that they couldn't complete on time. :slight_smile:

Will the upper deck have steel benches as seats? Or individual plastic ones?

I heard every seat will be perfect comfort for your Butt, lots of leg room, extra wide with an actual back support, if they added in a message unit and a cup holder fans could just stay at at the stadium and hang out??

Cup holders SWEET no more spilling the golden beer when u stand to cheer now I'm reallllyyY excited :rockin:

Hang out? Sounds interestiing BIG. How much if they up the seat a notch and make it a retirement type setup? :stuck_out_tongue: All I need close by is a beer or liquor store, grocery store and pharmacy. Probably in that order. :smiley: