Fans who travelled by train to Montreal

When you wake up share your thoughts with those of us who had to stay in the Hammer.

Pics, insights, would you do it again etc. etc.

Thanks. :rockin:

I am not Going to Say Anything Much Bad

We Need Our Special Teams Fixed Some How
On Offence and Defence We Played Good Enough to Win...

But The Key was Losing Jason Goss
Goss is Heart of Our DB's
Jason was on Ben Mostly All Night

Once He was Gone I Got Tired of Hearing
1st Down Montreal and Ben Cahhhhhhhhhhhooooooooon

Some Of Guys came back and Talked us after the Trip.
To me this Took a lots Guts to Face us.
They Signed Autographs and Took Photos
Pascal was There The Longest.
I Shook Each of There Hands as They Went by My Seat
Told I Them back on Monday at 11 Am.
To Let Them Know I am Behind Them.
We Live to Fight Another Day...

as For Montreal The City.
We did not get to see Montreal too Much
3 Hours was Enough to Eat
Find The Stadium and Walk There.
an Over Night Trip May have Been Better to See Montreal.

Last Of All:

I Want to Thanks The Ticats Staff Players
and Family for Giving me A Chance be on Great Trip .

I would do it for Western Game :slight_smile:


Awesome day, lots of fun.

I have been to every stadium in the CFL with the exception of Commonwealth and Taylor Field and McGill has jumped right to the top of the list. What an atmosphere! Always something to look at, very intimate and the best, I mean the BEST beer service I have ever seen at a sporting event that I have ever been to. You didn’t have to leave your seat, it just kept coming. Oh yeah… the water guy was around to if you are interested.

I slept most of the way home but apparently most of the players walked about the train meeting and greeting the fans. Pretty classy move and I am sure many appreciated it.

My classic moment was waking up with Pascal Cheron hovering above me. I gave him the gears for taking that unnessessary roughness penalty last week and went back to sleep.

I’ll definately make this trip a must every year!