fan's vote bc lons grey cup win 3rd of 2006

If anybody saw sports net last night saw that the bc lions winning the grey cup was not the most popular sports event this year in bc , steve nash winning his mvp and the bertuzzie, lauongo trade were much more important.

Bc lions winning the grey cup 19%
Steve Nash winning his 2nd MVP 29%
Betuzzie traded for lauongo 40%

It just goes to show were sports fans in this province stand.I think the lions winning the grey cup did not get many votes because it was a boring game and not much offence,had it been a offensife game and bc had blown them out of the water, it would have been a higher vote. What does every body else think?

Its a hockey town unfortunately. We are stuck with that! Next year, Marcus Naslund stubbing his toe will be front page news compared to Football.

Sad, but true.

to me the lions grey cup win was #1 and I play hockey. I just think that actually winning something is better than a trade that might help us just squeek into the playoffs for the 100th time!

100th time in the playoffs? Wow, Lionsgirl, you sure are giving the Canucks a lot of Credit.more like 16th time. (Considering the Canucks have only been in the NHL 36 years!)

haha ya I agree with sportsman, sorry lionsgirl:P.