Fans throw flag on cops conduct at Rider vs Stamps game.

The following is a story about our experience at the football game September 15, 2007 at McMahon Stadium, and it left us with a very bitter resentment for the Calgary Police Force and security with their totally unjustified actions as was witnessed by many rider and stamps fans

I would like to introduce, how the Police Force of our country view the law and keep order at a CFL football game. The event took place on September 15, 2007 in Calgary, when a bus full of both Rider and Stampeder fans went to cheer on our teams at McMahon Stadium. In a section full of fans, both Rider and Stampeder fans cheered in harmony. All was going well until one of our Rider friends was singled out by the Calgary Police Force, and everything went downhill from there.
At around half time I noticed Shawn was being escorted out of the stands, so I followed to see what the commotion was about. As we approached the main level, two Police Officers immediately restrained Shawn, and took his wallet from his pocket. When I questioned their authority to take his wallet without his consent, I was tackled by three other officers, and slammed to the ground. At this time our tickets were confiscated, and we were kicked out of the stadium, without giving us a reason why. Outside the gates, a couple of Rider fans gave us their tickets and told us to walk in another gate. So we did just that. Within seconds of sitting back down in our seats, a Police Officer came bulldozing through the crowd. He bent down and got right in Shawn’s face and said, “You need to leave, NOW!? Shawn simply folded his hands and said “No, I have done nothing wrong?. This Police Officer never thought twice about raising his fist and hitting Shawn, and throwing him down four rows of bleachers before hand-cuffing him. By this time the whole section saw what was going on and it started raining beer. Everyone, both Rider and Stampeder fans, started throwing their beer at the Police Officers, and chanting “bullshit?. After seeing my good friend lying helplessly, face down on the concrete, I started yelling at the Police. Little did I know that this would result in me getting punched in the head by a Police Officer. Ryan, another Rider fan, witnessed me being hit, so he too started yelling at the Police, and he too was hit in the face, for sticking up for me. When I approached a Police Officer, and asked for his name and badge number, he simply threatened to throw me in jail. The Police made such a huge scene, the football game was stopped for a period of time.
Although both Shawn and Ryan were arrested and spent the night in jail, Shawn was subjected to many beatings from the Police. On the concourse level, the Police Officers punched him in the gut and head several times. He was then taken to a room, in McMahon Stadium, and hand cuffed to a pole. Unable to defend himself he was strangled nearly to unconsciousness. Once outside the gates, they took Shawn’s head and smashed it against the side of the paddy wagon, busting his lip open.
Shawn was left with many bruises and bumps on his body to remind himself of how the police conduct themselves at a football game. And now these Police Officers are trying to charge him with the assault of two Police Officers and resisting arrest. Not only is this unjustified, but there are many witnesses, both Rider and Stampeder fans, who say the actions of the Police Force at the football game was totally uncalled for, and are willing to make that statement. Not only did this incident ruin our entire weekend, but these Police Officers have ruined what respect I, and many others, had left for them. This makes me infuriated, having travelled from Saskatoon to Calgary many times; it will be difficult for me to watch another football game inside McMahon Stadium

Sorry dude but I have a hard time believing any of this.

I saw an article about it, this person may or may not be exaggerating a bit, but the incident did happen.

EDIT: Found it

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I am not going to try and justify the actions of the police to you.
Cops have been known to get overly enthusiastic in their duties as peace officers and maintaining crowd control.

But let me list a few things that I might suggest were not well thought out on you and your friends part.

Regardless of why you were tossed out in the first place, going back into the stadium was a bad idea. If you get away with it, good for you. But the fact you were again tossed should tell you something.

Next, if a police officer asks you to do something, I recommend you cooperate.
Saying "no" and just sitting there will not end well.
It really does not matter if you believe you have done nothing wrong (although in this case, re-entering the stadium is wrong).
Asking for badge numbers etc means you have likely been watching too many bad movies.
Standing there (am I assuming to much to suggest some intoxication may have been involved) and yelling at the police is going to accomplish what exactly from your perspective?

Anyway, as I said, I am not trying to justify the actions of the police.
If they did indeed repeatedly pummel people in this situation as you describe, that was unwarranted.
But you and your friends clearly have some culpability in this situation.
And I can see that just from hearing YOUR side of the story.
I imagine the police tell it differently, and I imagine that while you have your witnesses, they have theirs.
Witnesses being notoriously unreliable in these situations. 10 people will likely tell 10 different version of events.

So let me give you some advice. If the police are pressing charges, get a lawyer, plead guilty to a misdemeanor offense and move past this.
And next time you go to McMahon, or any stadium, if a police officer asks you to do something, shut up and cooperate.

Doesn't mean you have no reason to be upset over this.
Doesn't mean the police didn't act overly aggresively.
What it does mean, is, you and your friends can control what you can control. And take ownership of the role you played in this.
And your hands are not clean in this, and you know it!

Once you own up to your own mistakes, going back to McMahon and watching more games won't be so tough...

Do I believe that they were unnecessarily asked to leave.....Yes!
Do I believe he was thrown down a flight of stairs, handcuffed to a pole and choked nearly to unconsciousness....No!

I have no intention of affirming or denying that any of the described situation actually happened, but I can tell you that Calgary police have had for decades a well-earned bad reputation for heavy-handedness.

If I was a young person, an out of towner, or didn't look absolutely 100% innocuous, I would stay away from any place that risked an encounter with that fine city's constabulary.

It's a shame as Calgary really is a fine city. Too bad they don't have a great police force to help it become a truly great place.

Actually this is not the first time I have heard of cops using excessive force at the Stamps game. My sister and her husband regularly attend games there and they said a B.C. fan was quite bloodied after a run in with the cops there. They said the force used was beyond excessive for the situation.

Next time you need them do not call them. Good post Arius. Go to Spy Hill Jail ask the cons there if they are innocent what response do you suppose they would give. The fact that these fans had too much to drink would have nothing to do with their behaviour. Again have lots of fun but not at others expense. When you buy a ticket to a game it give you the right to go in watch the game and enjoy yourself. But again like going to someones house you should behave. Police do not single out people for fun your friend did something to be tossed and then arrested. Some people just go too far and just maybe this story does the same thing.

Actually, Calgary police do in fact sometimes single out people "just for fun" (if one can call it that). They are particularly notorious for needlessly harassing young people, because, I suppose, they are less likely to be in position to defend themselves legally.

This has been going on for a very, very long time. It's actually police culture in Calgary.

This is NOT to say that they don't play an important role in protecting people from criminals or that they aren't good crime solvers and investigators, but simply that the uniformed cops in particular have a reputation for needless harassment and violence. I knew this thirty-five years ago, and it still applies today. I'm equally sure that not all cops are like this, but it usually only takes one to cause a feeding frenzy as they'll all join the dog pile to "defend" a fellow officer.

Seen on a bumper sticker from the 60's

If you don't like the police, then the next time you need help, Call a Hippie!

I have a good one as well if you need help call some one who cares.

I am intrigued by the timing and that its this posters very first post.

Not accusing anyone of anything, but it seems very coincidental.

....i found this line particularily amusing:

The Police made such a huge scene, the football game was stopped for a period of time

....sorry man, I was there too and I don't recall 36 thousand people averting their onfeild attention to watching your arrest...

...I can't comment on your plight, nor rpaege's assessment of the brutality tendencies of my city's police force, I choose to remain on the right side of the law, and therefore don't have any experience in breaking it...perhaps some doughheads from Saskatoon should follow suit....

I watched the game on TV and had it been stopped I'm sure I would remember.

Its been my experience that people don't, (lets call it exaggerate) only once in a statement

Ido not recall any CFL game ever being stopped because a fan was being tossed out or arrested. Hmmm I just wonder how you would cordinate such an event. Why would you stop a game for this particualr event. If the story is this exagerated who can any one believe it.

Thats see judge who would you believe drunk rowdy fans or police officers.

What are the odds this happened right when an official time out was called? :stuck_out_tongue:

Understandable that you feel that way RandW; we never think that police will bother us for no good reason. It does happen however, and not just in Calgary either. Though there are many cities where the police culture is much less intrusive. Remaining on the right side of the law is certainly the way to do your best to avoid confrontations with the police, but it is by no means a guarantee that confrontations won’t happen. Sometimes bad things happen to good people.

I can assure that everyone has been hassled by the police when they were young. It is a given. But when you need them they are there to protect.

I can honestly say I have never once been hassled by the police, either as a youngster or as an adult...

Goody two shoes :lol: :lol: :lol: