Fans that stayed till the end of the game....

I went to Canad Inns last night and stayed for the whole thing and got to cheer for Milt Stegall's TD when it was freezing cold outside. I want to say - Thanks to the fans that stayed for the whole game like I did. I remember seeing a couple who left and said, "See you next year." That really broke my heart. Lets hope that we get things done this offseason, so next year we can go all the way... GO BOMBERS! GO!


good stuff Bleed. :wink:

I watched every single play on tv because I wanted to watch what could be the great Milt Stegall’s last game. God I hated when he would cream the 'Riders but I sure liked watching him. Definitely one of the greats. Let’s hope for your sake, and the CFL’s, that he comes back next year.