Fans Starved for Some Direction

Ted Michaels has been calling for representation from the Tiger Cat organization to address the fans on the 5th Quarter show. He has specifically asked for Mr. Young or anyone else in team management to come on the air and give the fans a sense of what direction our team will go between this date and game #1 of 2009. His calls have been ignored.

Mr. Young and his colleagues have been noticeably absent from the public eye for some time now. Is it possible that they have egg on their collective faces? This attitude is in direct contrast to the energy and enthusiasm these same people displayed when the disasterous 2008 season was still in it's infancy.

As a fan, I would like to ask ownership and management the following questions:

Will Bob Obilovich bust his butt to bring in "O" and "D" linemen?
Whats the scoop on Printers and Lumsden? (staying or leaving)
If you trade Lumsden, what do you expect to get for him?
To the best of your knowledge, will Marcel Bellefeuille get another chance to coach this team?
(Personally, I think he should)
What is the status of of Marcel's assistant coaching staff?
Are you aware that if the fans, (those of us who remain) may not come
back next season without answers to these questions prior to the sale
of season's tickets?

Each year, we get taken in by media hype emanating from the Ticats and
each year we are are bitterly disappointed. The team has been down this road
before and at one point the franchise was nearly lost.

Please don't ignore Mr. Michaels and the fans. We deserve some answers.
Be honest with us and give us something to hang our hats on.

The only thing we as fans are "entitled" to is the seat that we purchase. Nothing more. In one breath you say that you want to hear what the plan is; in the next, you complain about what you were told on previous occasions were lies. Seems to me that you are asking for the impossible. From what you have said, you won't believe what you are told anyway. Why would anyone want to talk to someone who won't believe them?

This is not an attack on you personally, but to all those who come on this site to make demands like they have been personally afronted and stand to lose something other than the cash they paid for a ticket or the time spent watching a game. I used to like to come on this forum to read about the insight that others have about the game or the opinions about football in general. Now it just a lot of whining, bitching, complaining, and demanding like you are a shareholder or you have some stake beyond fandom.

If you don't like what is going on, show your distain by not going to the games. I won't miss you. Otherwise, please shut up as some of us still enjoy being fans and are sick of the negativity.

Rant Over,
Billy Dee.

I agree.
I usually don't come on this site after a loss because of all the negativity. Tonight they lost but played a good game. Kept me watching till the end. I enjoyed the game!

No offense but think about what you're asking for.

How would you like to wake up one morning and hear your boss on the radio saying "well, that spike jones is a real nice fella, but we've already decided that, regardless of how he performs this next month, he's toast at the end of the season. But just don't anyone tell him, OK, we only want our customers to know at this point".

All of the questions on your list are questions that have to be answered, but each of them requires an evaluation, then a negotiation, and telling the fans your intentions a few months in advance on those things happening is a real bad idea.

So remove from the discussion all of the personel decisions that still need to be made and what have you got left - Mr. Young or Mr. Mitchell or Mr. Obilivich reading some prepared statement about how the team's record this year wasn't acceptable, how they'll be evaluating the coaching staff and personal in the remainging games and over the off-season, and how they will continue to work hard the rest of the season/during the off-season/in training camp to make sure the fans get the contender they so richly deserve next year. Is that what you and Mr. Micheals are looking for?

When they have something meaningful to say, I'm sure we'll hear from them.

Some people are so are personally offended by Ticat losses
it would be nice if they would just go out and howl at the moon

but unfortunately Ted, right after they've taken another hit in the chops
they call your show and it's your job to handle their calls demanding
that something be done about this team for whatever reason.

Team representatives are quite willing to answer
any questions about any aspect of the team.

Unfortunately, your callers are especially
tired of hearing their answers because

they haven't been able to turn the team around

and they have heard them said over and over again
for the five seasons of bob's ownership of the team.

I would give bob and the boys a break and let them
answer questions at a more suitable time for them.


The script between Bob and all Tiger Cat fans
has already been written and played out for years.

As section8since72 said, Mr Michaels, so Mr. Young
or Mr. Mitchell or Mr. Obilivich tell your callers

the team's record this year wasn't acceptable,

and they'll be evaluating the coaching staff and personal
in the remainging games and over the off-season,

and they will continue to work hard the rest of
the season/during the off-season/in training camp

to make sure the fans get the contender
they so richly deserve next year.'

[quote=“Spikejones”]Ted Michaels has been calling for representation from the Tiger Cat organization to address the fans on the 5th Quarter show. He has specifically asked for Mr. Young or anyone else in team management to come on the air and give the fans a sense of what direction our team will go between this date and game #1 of 2009. His calls have been ignored.

Please don’t ignore Mr. Michaels and the fans.

8) Well that is sure not what I heard Ted Micheals say on the 5th quarter yesterday !!!
  He stated that he invited Bob Young to come on the show at the previous home game against Montreal, but Bob could not make it for that programme  !!!

  Ted then said that Mr. Young said he would do his best to be on the next show in Hamilton after the Calgary game  !!!!

  Just how the heck do you interpret that as being ingnored  !!!!

   Get your facts straight, or try listening a little closer to what Ted says on his show  !!!!!!!           <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

I say the fans are being ignored because team management really blew it this year. My interpretation of Michael's insinuations differ from yours obviously.

It would be beneficial at this point if someone from the Ticat upper echelon would commit to addressing the fans even if they haven't got much to say at this juncture, but just to advise us of some of the things they may try in the future to turn this group of guys on the playing field into a bonafide football team.

I realize that nobody can say much right now, but I would like "some" assurances from someone regarding what this team's prime objective is for next year before I spend my hard earned cash.

Okay, who's going to be first to say the objective for next year is to win the Grey Cup? Sorry guys; I've heard that one every year since 1950. I'd just like to hear some real world projections on our football team and if nobody chooses to speak at this time, I can wait, but eventually I need to have some reasons for spending money on this sorry lot.

Some of you die hards need to lighten up a little and stop coming accross like a bunch of prison rioters.
We're talking football here, not World War lll.

First of all, Ted Michaels is not to be trusted.

Secondly, Scott Mitchell needs to be involved to face the music ... he is "The Prez".

This is not really Bob's mess IMHO.

Absolutely fans need to see and hear something before forking out for tickets next year. But no one is asking for renewals right now.

If they are really going to evaluate everything at the end of the season - and any team, but especially a team in rebuilding mode - should, then Mr. Young is the only guy that even knows whether he has a job next year. Anyone else that speaks about next year, not even knowing whether he will still be here, is just talking through the top of their hat.

Once the evalautation is done, and the management team is set, then I agree with you, they should be out explaining exactly why they believe that next year will be different than this year was.

I don't "get" your final quote at all - it's you and Ted Michaels that are demanding that the management team come out of the war room and address the citizenry. The rest of us are just saying "chill".

I am just as passionate as the next person when it comes to my Tiger Cats. I have watched the team for
over 40 years. I believe the team has turned the coner and will most certianly copete next year. Yes I have been one of the people belly-aching about Obie and the lack of talent brought in this year. However, if you look closely the team has some holes to fill and in my opinion there are less pieces to the puzzle than before.

So if I can offer some advise - the management of this team are committed to improvement and kindly sit back bit your lip and be patient. That advise goes to me as well. In any event Porter is the real deal. Tisdale, Thompson, Bradley and others will be the corner stone of our defence. They just need to fill the holes and have sound coaching in some areas…

The offense has improved from 17.5 points per game to 27
The Defense has worsen from 27 points per game to 32.5 points per game.

Considering how bad a season Toronto and Winnipeg are having I would say the offense with the addition of a posession receiver and one or two Onlinesmen could be there.

On defense its a real mess and it would take a miracle to fill all the holes, especialy when you see how poor a job Obilovich did this year recruiting “big bodies”. They are two years away at best.

I agree that the 'suits' have been very invisible lately but on the other hand, I'm not sure what they could tell us. I am sure that you could answer your own questions though, at least as well as anyone from the organization could and that's because I doubt if they have the answers themselves at this point. Or they're rhetorical questions. Like what's Young or Mitchell going to say?--no, Obie will not bust his ass trying to sign better linemen? Of course not. I'm afraid we won't know the answers to these and many other questions until training camp and beyond.

An Argo-Cat fan

I know what the Cats “prime objective” will be next year… it’s SIMPLE really… to WIN games… there I’ve said, I’m glad too, will they win alot, NO CLUE, will they win the GC no idea… I DO know they will go onto that field trying to WIN tho, they WILL try to WIN games. You can happily spend your money now spike… objective is now known

You’re Welcome!

I saved you months of agonizing waiting

Gee! Thanks for your Phenomenal Insight, HalfThe Distance!
That settles it. I'm lining up my family for ticket purchases for next season as we speak.
er, write.

8) Count me in also !! I will be right behind you in that line !!!! :wink:

I get HalfTheDistance's point.

What do you expect to hear from mangaement?

BTW, when you say "Fans starved for Some Direction" you are implying that you speak for the fans, when in fact, no one does.

I am not starved to hear anything from managment, so you do not speak for me. I really believe it's as simple as HalfTheDistance says it is. They try their best to put a winning product on the field. I expect them to do no less no and to say no less.

If you're wanting to hear something else then I suggest just giving them a call or sending an email with your concerns and questions.

I don't get al the drama and making this a big deal.

Hey Genius: :twisted:

I just respond to what you guys write. :smiley:

I don't presume that everyone on this site will share my opinions, so to be sure,
I don't speak for you. :thup:

At least someone gets it, bottom line is.. management will tell us what THEY want us to hear and by no means are they OBLIGATED to tell us anything!

I think the direction is already apparent on the field. New coach, new QB.....improved play. I think there is more potential for this team now than there has been for last last two or three years. I credit Obie. He's not 100 percent (who is?) but he wheels and deals and is a canny operator. I believe this time next year we will have seen some further progress....and more to follow in 2010.
Continual upgrading will continue....and this team will be very competitive next season. That's the direction.