Fans pay to fire the Manager.

I was watching Drew Carey on Craig Ferguson tonight. He is going to be part owner of a soccer team in the US league and they are going to do something that he says is done in Madrid and a few other places, and maybe the Ticats could try it.
Fans get to buy a membership into the team for a year.
He says they pay $200 or so a year and I guess they get special fan information and priviledges, but every 4 years they get to vote on keeping or firing the team manager. This is something they are going to do with his soccer team. As he says "the fans know when its time for the manager to be fired." Be a great way to make the team extra money, keep the tickets prices down and the team president wont get blamed for the firing. Lol.

It would all cause Anarchy

The Leafs might want to try this. I would imagine their fans would want it altered so that the decision could be made every 4 months/weeks/days.


At the rate we're going through general managers, 4 years with one manager might actually be considered Job security.

i didn't know they have pro soccer in the USA

in Europe they kill each other over soccer, i couldn't really see this happening anywhere over there